How to Fall In and Out of Love with a Male Narcissist

September 24, 2010 by Conviron Pucate Altatis  
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So you are in love with a male narcissist? Conviron Altatis shares what you should do…

We all say that we have a certain type. But many times we fall in love with someone who isn’t our type, and at times, just the opposite. Narcissists definitely are not your type. You hate arrogant selfish bossy guys. You wanna be treated like a princess but here comes a guy who wants to be treated like a prince. And the funny thing is the more you try to give up this narcissistic prick, the more you are drawn closer to him.

What goes on in a male narcissist’s mind?

Here’s what goes on in a male narcissist’s mind once he enters a room: Hey, everybody. I’m the loveliest man here. You ought to look at me. No one else deserves attention here more than I do. So, I have all the right to do whatever I wanna do here right now. It’s my prerogative as the loveliest man.

Well, you can’t blame these narcissists. There is truth in what they thin they are. Narcissists are naturally charming and charismatic. Prima facie, narcissists are kind, approachable, and eloquent. They possess this social magnet, which they use as their weapon to gather preys. 

(How is narcissism related to sadism and masochism?)

In love with a narcissistic prick?

So, you fell in love with such a guy, a guy who thinks he is the center of the universe, a guy who thinks that the whole world is revolving around him. This narcissistic prick thinks that he is the loveliest man. Does it mean, by the fact that you are his girl friend, that he thinks you are the loveliest woman? Well, not necessarily. Male narcissists establish a relationship with women who serve as their narcissistic supplier, and narcissistic supply is nothing but attention. Most probably, you are the person who gives him the best attention, the best appreciation.

(What happens if a narcissist falls in love?)

Narcissists are branded as selfish pricks. Well, they are not really selfish in all manners of life. At the beginning of the relationship, a narcissistic boyfriend may even give exorbitant gifts to their girlfriend. This is the reward for giving him the rare narcissistic supply he’s been craving for.  And that was the bait! The poor girlfriend fell for that. She may begin to think, “He’s not a narcissistic prick just as how others think so.”

But after some time, the exorbitant gift didn’t recur. Neither did the attention. Worse, the poor girlfriend hears a rumor after rumor that the narcissistic boyfriend is meeting other girls. But this hopeful girlfriend doesn’t believe “rumors”.

So what should you do with your narcissistic boyfriend?

First things first, cut off the narcissistic supply. He enjoys your unprecedented appreciation, the flattery, the untainted listening, so you know what? Stop all those things. Give him a sudden drop of narcissistic supply. If you really love him, you want him to give up his narcissism. If he really loves you, he will do everything to gain back the attention you used to give him. Otherwise, he will just look for another narcissistic supplier and forget about you.

(So how should we deal with narcissistic people?)

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