How to Create a Romantic Night at Home

March 5, 2011 by SpicyMonkey  
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In need of some romance in your life? Well, plan a nice romantic evening for you and your spouse!

Before you begin, these things should be taken into consideration:

No kids around! Even if they’re sleeping you shouldn’t have them around.

Candles may be romantic but are a possible fire hazard.

Don’t drink too much!

Take it easy. You have the whole night so don’t rush.

Make sure you plan this a week before, so there won’t be any unexpecting business.

Get some nice clothes. If you’re a woman, stop by the lingerie store for some sexy underwear.

1. Be prepared:

Once your spouse comes home, you should have everything ready. You need to be wearing sexy, but comfortable clothes and have the dinner already done. Don’t forget to keep the dinner warm and not let it get cold!

2. A romantic dinner:

Try getting a nice mood going and retreat to the dining area. There you’ll eat dinner while having some nice wine. Start a nice conversation and don’t let pesky thing like problems with work get in the talk. Eat calmly and don’t rush things. The dinner should be nice and simple. Don’t make a heavy dinner for a romantic evening or else you’ll end up sleeping instead of ”…”. 

3. Bedroom time:

After having a splendid dinner, start heading to the bedroom. Slowly undress each other. First start off with fore play followed by passionate love making. Try to have a nice time,  and if you have kids, reassure yourself that they’re safe. If you want to try something new, eat chocolate covered strawberries and drink some more wine. 

4. Enjoy everything:

Take your time and relax. These important things should not be rushed. Let your spouse see that you care about him/her a lot. Oh, and feel free to express fantasy!

Hope this helped!

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