How to Cope with Stingy Men

December 18, 2009 by moyofe  
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Ladies you can get as much as you want from men that think they cant drop a penny for their girl friends.

Have you ever heard the saying from the bible that says ‘Ask and you shall receive’?. In a male and female relationship, thats the norm. The more you ask, the less you will receive from a man. Men prefer to give to women who already has. They prefer women who are shy to ask. Even if they dont give at the beginning of the relationship, with time they would loosen up gradually.

Little tips to use on your man:

Know your man. know what he likes best. Cater for those needs. Make his needs tie with yours, as in mutual interest. Advive him on how to best take care of his interest, be it kids or family at large. At the end what is good for him will be good for you. Know his shopping habits and what he shops for. See if you can partake in this activities and see if you can buy this things for him but for a cheaper price thereby keeping the leftovers.

Know how to tender your requests. Exaggerate your needs. If you need N5,000, ask him for N15,000. If he gives you something at the middle, then you are a winner

Pray before you tender your demands. Let him know he is more than the request before him. Never use threats as a way of getting what you want from him. That may harden him the more. Use guilt as a weapon. Say things like “Honey, when last have I made a request like this?. You know I won’t ask for assistance if I can help it. Please see what you can do, am counting on you’.

It’s most women’s wish to fall in love or meet with a Mr. Right. This might entail good looks, intelligence, physical competence, sensitivity and a kind and generous man.

Life can be hell if you end up with the wrong person or a Mr wait till tomorrow; a miser. If your destiny has already taken you to a stingy man or just for a need to know. The message you have just received should serve you well.

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