How to Control Your Man

August 16, 2009 by Kaz M  
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One easy step to Getting him do whatever you want.

Do you want him to do more around the house? Take out the garbage, vacuum, or do the dishes and laundry? Well, your about to learn the secret and it’s easier than you ever imagined.  Get ready because here it comes…


Just ask.  Many women suffer in silence under a workload that is too large for any one person to bear.  This leaves her exhausted and bitter that “he never does anything.”.  All that anger builds up until she explodes in a mushroom cloud of tears and accusations.  Now, it would be nice if men could see this coming, but we don’t.  It would also be nice if we just did these things, but we don’t.  We need to be told, at least at first.

If you live with a good man (and he is good right? Or else you wouldn’t be living with him.) he wants to do things to make you happy.  He just doesn’t know what those things are.  They may seem obvious to you but not to him.

How to ask

Many woman are afraid to ask for help.  Some are afraid of conflict and others are afraid of being a bitch or a nag.  Well, don’t worry about it your not going to be either of those things.  Let say for instance your finishing up dinner. Get up from the table and put your plate with his put a hand on his arm or shoulder and ask “can you do the dishes tonight? I’m exhausted.”. Sounds simple? It works.  The dishes just went to the top of his list of things to do.


He may get up from the table so fast that he knocks you to the floor.  This can be dangerous as he may step on you in his rush to get to the sink.

Say Thank you

OK, I guess there are two steps.  After he has completed whatever it is you asked him to do, praise him. 


Don’t pat him on the head saying in a cutsie voice “who’s a good boy?” “are you a good boy?”,”yes you are.” This is dangerous his right leg will start shaking uncontrollably and you could get hurt!  

No, A thank you will do or a smile.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you show him that he has made you happy.  Do this and he will want to make you happy again, and now he know what to do. He might even do it without being asked. 

There you have it If you want him to do something ask.  It really is that simple.  Be specific and be honest.  After a while he will just start doing more without being asked because he really does want to please you. And if he doesn’t, you might have to throw that fish back in the water.

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4 Responses to “How to Control Your Man”
  1. LoveDoctor Says:

    excellent article and topic. very well-written. thanks for the info:)

  2. Marie Milton Says:

    Jusk ask : ) some people cannot manage to think in such simple ways : ))
    Nice piece : )

    ps. Thank you for your comments : )

  3. Anne McNew Says:

    Nice advice. Speaking from a gentleman’s words…. thanks. this must be working…

  4. monica Says:

    ok i guess i dont livve with a good man i ask and ask for help and he just says i work and your home with the baby you can do i have a 19 month old that i am running after cleaning feeding bathing and trying to clean the house and when it is nap for her i take a shower but my self back together he gets home and then i am waiting on and taking care of what it seems like two babys and i know he won’t grow out off it he is already 37 so other than leaving him what is there ? please this is an honest question

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