How to Break Up a Relationship

June 14, 2011 by annonymouscritic  
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How to break up a relationship.

Breaking up a relationship is a very hard thing to do. Both of you may still have feelings for each other and probably did love each other at one point in the relationship. The idea of breaking up this relationship may hurt you as well as your significant other too. There is bound to be a valid reason as to why people would want to end a relationship but the only issue is how can you break up a relationship without making a scene?

You must know and think of the main reason you want to break up with your soon to be ex.

These are the reasons that you are going to use as they may ask you why then try to give you a guilt trip. Regardless, you have to be strong and stand strong to your point. You must have thought over this several times before and are certain you want this break up so doing let a little guilt trip burn you down! To prevent yourself from forgetting the reasons in case you are in an argument, I suggest you write it down on a piece on paper first. If the reasons are something you guys have discussed about before and still your partner hasn’t changed, then breaking up may be the only way to solve it.

Here are the reactions that you should expect.

The first is questioning. Your partner most probably will start questioning you and please answer their questions honestly and truthfully. There is nothing else to lie about considering you have probably hurt them emotionally. The second is your partner may beg or bargain in order to save the relationship, saying stuff like “ I will change”, like what I have said earlier, if you have let your partner know the problem before and they did not make an effort to change, then it’s time for a break up. The other is crying, girls would normally cry so to guys who are scared to see tears don’t let this manipulate your decision. If your partner lashes out or start saying threatening stuff like “I will make you regret this” it is normally just to make themselves feel better but do take this seriously if you are feeling insecure, leave quickly. Treating this problem calmly helps especially if your partner is starting to get into aggressive in an argument.

Keep a distance.

After breaking up, keep away from all the places your ex might often go. Your ex may even try to call or text you but resume contact only after 2-3 months is the best. Use this time to learn and understand more about yourself, focus on all those opportunities that you’ve missed. Don’t let this break up make yourself feel bad or anything. Never force yourself into regret. Yes, it might be painful, but accept it, as time goes by, it will heal. You must realize that break-ups are just a part of a puzzle of life; there are still great opportunities that lie ahead of you.  

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