How Does Love Begin and Grow Stronger?

November 3, 2010 by vijayanths  
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There are two stages of falling in love. The initial stage when it begins and the next stage when it develops into a stronger bond. Read more….

The beginning of love: Right from the teen ages our inner mind is constantly looking for our suitable match. We have our own dreams, expectations about our partners. You might have come across many persons of the opposite sex, still you would not have been carried away by any one of them. Then suddenly one day you meet a person and you are totally turned on by them. The chemistry begins to work.  Your hormones seem to work over time. You become very much interested in him/her.

Next stage: Now you long to know whether he/she is also interested in you. If he/ she seems to be interested in you, then your interest increases many times. You will thrive to draw his/her attention towards you and to attract him /her. You want to spend time with him/her. You want to tease him/her. You will laugh for the silliest jokes when he/she tells them. You want to look your best when you are with him/her. You try your best to maintain stylish body languages.

More transformation: You long to confirm that he/she is also in love with you. You are almost mad about him/her. You always think about him/her and can’t concentrate on your regular routines. You can’t even concentrate on your career that means a lot to you. You can’t think of any one else except him/her. You daydream a lot about him/her and even imagine having sex with him/her. If you are a guy you may work out plans to get her in your bed. If you are a woman, you may wonder when he will initiate moves to have sex. Above all, all his/her flaws will look attractive and interesting to you. In short Love is blind and you are definitely in love.

Summary: Love is a beautiful experience in life. Love begins and grow stronger over time. Love is strong and you may want to die for your partner at the peak of your love life. Thanks for reading.

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11 Responses to “How Does Love Begin and Grow Stronger?”
  1. Ruby Hawk Says:

    the trouble is that we are not sensible about love.

  2. J M Lennox Says:

    Most of us unfortunately confuse love with lust.

  3. raajan Says:

    very well written.

  4. ganesh Says:

    interesting article. Nice video.

  5. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Gr8 share. Most of what you have mentioned are true.

  6. papaleng Says:

    you clearly defined the two aspects of love, sad to say most of us confused lust with love.

  7. vijayanths Says:

    well said papaleng. Glad to note you are clear about it.

  8. lakshmi Says:

    Hello, Vijayanth, your articles are very interesting. Keep up the great work.

  9. vijayanths Says:

    thanks lakshmi, Glad you find my articles interesting.

  10. padma Says:

    very interesting blog.

  11. Kristie Claar Says:

    great article

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