How Do You Know That a Relationship Has Ended

January 25, 2011 by adicodrean1967  
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Often relationships are coming to an end without realizing it, especially if it is a long-term reltie. There are few clues that you can confirm that your relationship is heading towards the end.

Yahoo Shine has 12 signs that your relationship has ended:

1. Your relationship seems more than a friendship.
2. You / he say “I love you” and the other does not respond.
3. You no longer have many things to say.
4. One of you cheating on each other.
5. There is a feeling of “disconnect” when trying to communicate.
6. The quarrels among you are more exciting than the relationship itself.
7. Your future plans seem unrealistic.
8. You are more likely to quarrel than to be happy.
9. Sex especially because one of you wants the other to want it.
10. Not interested in your job or other hobbies.
11. You catch the interest / the other person.
12. Sex is often unsatisfactory.

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