How Do You Catch His Eye?

November 18, 2009 by kimoshea  
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How do you get him to ask you out?

You’ve met him but he does not seem interested in meeting you again. You got on well but now you are waiting to hear from him. How do you improve your chances of holding his interest and getting asked out on a date?

Play it cool! Do not jump in with two left feet. Play hard to get but keep it light and friendly. When you meet him on the street smile sweetly and ask him how he is, listen to what he says and before he has a chance to ask you anything glance at your watch and say you have to be somewhere but that it was really nice to see him.

Make sure whenever you see him you ask him something so that you can appear interested by listening carefully to the answer. Offer him the bare minimum of information about you. Do not outstay your welcome. Always be the one to say “I have to go, it was good seeing you”.

If he asks to meet you do not appear too eager. Take your time and accept graciously if possible. If you are genuinely busy explain this briefly and suggest an alternative. Do not pretend to be busy for the sake of it. This is lying and relationships should not start off this way.

Some guys are shy and find it impossible to find the words to ask you out. If you have met one of these guys you will have to be patient. Be kind and caring so that he will feel more comfortable with you. Wait for him to ask you out do not be tempted to make it too easy for him. If he is interested in you he will find a way.

Do not dress trashy to grab his attention. You may well do so, but usually his only interest in you will be sex. Sexual attraction wears off really quickly and unless you have a strong bond your relationship will fail.

Dress well, make sure your personal hygiene is impeccable and smile. These simple things will go further to make him notice you than a lot of artificial preening and posturing. You do not have to dress expensively, but your clothes must be clean.

Fresh, sweet smelling and friendly are an irresistible combination. An air of mystery also helps as this drives most guys wild. They love to know everything and if they think you are holding back they will go out of their way to find out the secret!

Stay calm, cool and collected and watch as his interests rises.

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