He’s Just Not Worth It

July 3, 2011 by Lisha5684  
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What to do when he might stand a chance, and when to call it quits.

She’s all up in my bidness

Some guys have problems with so-called “nosy” girlfriends who ask too many questions. If your guy has problems with how you “always” prod him with questions like, “Where are you going?” or “What are you doing?” ask your guy if he’s willing to “allow” you to ask him 2 questions a day. That’s not too much to ask, now is it? If he is so adamant about keeping his business to himself, then maybe he should be by himself… alone… without you in his life. He’s just not worth it.

She just won’t get off my back

Some guys have problems with a girl who nags him too much about cleaning and other chores. If this is your guy, make a list of all the chores that need to be done around the house on a daily basis and a weekly basis. Put your name next to all of the chores that you currently do, plus the amount of hours a day you work at a job (or taking care of the kids, because that’s the hardest job in it of itself). Write down the number of hours your guy works at his job and put his name next to the chores that he currently does. Now show him the proof that he’s not doing his fair share and ask if he’s willing to take on a few small chores (at least!). And tell him that if he does those chores, you won’t have to “nag” him anymore. Now, if he doesn’t negotiate with you about this one, he’s just not worth it. A guy can take on a couple chores, for goodness sake.

She won’t let me do my thing

Some guys have some sort of addiction like video games. Or maybe he’s a workaholic and brings his work home. First of all, you could try playing video games with him, if possible, or ask him interesting questions about his work or whatever he’s doing. If this disgusts you, or he gets annoyed, or if he only plays one player games, here’s what you do: Observe him for a week. Take notes on when he does his activity, how often he plays (works), and how long he plays (works) WHILE YOU’RE AROUND to hang out. This would be considered time that the two of you could be spending together. At the end of the week, show him your results and ask him if during some of this time, maybe the two of you could do something that both of you would enjoy. Ask him if he can set aside certain time to do his solitary activity and certain time to spend with you. If you’re married to this gamer, ask if you can have one day each weekend that you spend quality time together and at least one weeknight to concentrate just on each other. If you’re dating, probably half the time you’re together should be spent doing something together. Any guys who’s worth it is willing to negotiate.

I’ll never do it again, I promise

Some guys have a problem with cheating. If that’s the case, HE’S JUST NOT WORTH IT! And I mean it about this one! Some guys are a one-time cheater. Use your discretion on this one. But I’d give it a good 5 years before I’d tie the knot with this one. My advice? Don’t even bother. It is possible for a guy to stay faithful to one woman for the rest of his life and if he can’t be faithful to you before he’s married, who’s to say he’s gonna keep his thing in his pants after the ring is on his finger? Go find a guy who isn’t going to cheat on you. And believe me, they are out there.

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