Getting Over Him

May 21, 2009 by Alexis Flint  
Published in Relationships

Tips for girls to get over that ex – not all are foolproof.

  • Have a sleepover where all the girls help you obsess until you have fantasized everything from the first date to the wedding day—this will get him out of your system, hopefully, once and for all
  • Stop thinking that every thing reminds you of him and as if something out there is torturing you on purpose, it could just be a coincidence
  • Get super involved in other activities you are passionate about
  • Go out with your girls and have fun with other guys, just not too much fun
  • Plant herbs—this can be very healing
  • Sign up for yoga class or hit the gym
  • Draw a picture or write a letter that shows or says everything you hated about him and/or the relationship, then throw it away (you might want to shred it first, just in case)
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