Getting Out of a Relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Man

February 14, 2010 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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A friend of mine quoted "Lack of will to confront or attempt to overcome coupled by low self esteem produces inertia. The most difficult obstacle in life is the fact that one needs to start over after each episode.Rather than confronting the obvious most accept the status quo then blame themselves for the perceived failure"

 The first step in getting out of a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man



                                   A relationship with an emotionally unavailable man is harrowing, emotionally exhausting and often leaves the woman feeling exploited and abused. this relationship exist solely on the bases of satisfying the whims, fancies and gratifications of the male at the emotional expense of the female who expends all in hope that a genuine , profound relationship will be produced from her sacrifices and efforts.

           The emotionally unavailable man utilizes the female’s desire for a relationship with him to manipulate her feelings and conduct towards him, therefore satisfying his desires and often sexual needs.  The woman is cognizant of the inadequacies of the relationship but is unable to let go because she holds on to an inherent hope for better days. 

        Women are complaining that men are becoming far more emotionally unavailable and that it is difficult to find a man who genuinely wants a wholesome, long term, relationship devoid of mind games, emotional abuse and blackmail. they are fatigued with trying to please men, only to realize that their efforts were futile as the man goes back to his wife, moves on to a next supplier or goes back to his ex girlfriend or mother.

            Women do not realize that they are a part of the problem. A man cannot continue to hurt you unless you allow him to do it.  Men continue to perpetuate these charades because we allow them to. Some females do not have self esteem, some women lack will power and others lack boundaries. Some women do not know when enough is enough.


Let’s face the truth!


                 The end result is that it is difficult to reach out to a man who is not feeling you. That’s the reason why he is emotionally unavailable.   He is unable to develop a sense of connection with you on an emotional, incorporeal level. He is unable to connect with you outside of the physical or material realm.

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7 Responses to “Getting Out of a Relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Man”
  1. amandeep13 Says:

    Great Work

    Well Done

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Excellent. I totally agree. It’s better to be alone than in bad company but it sure does hurt. I guess time heals all wounds.

  3. bailieman Says:

    A very deep article, well argued and written.

  4. VTech Says:

    Good Post

  5. albert1jemi Says:

    well written

  6. Jewel Says:

    Excellent advice. However, I was shocked to see that audience of the article is the ‘other woman” in the relationship with a married man.

    For the ladies who are facing this situation, definitely kick the man to the curb. Then figure out why you would consider a emotionally unavailable man for a relationship. Be thankful that it’s his lovely wife that has to end up dealing with him and not you. Also, keep in mind that any married man, no matter how miserably married, is unavailable until he is divorced.

    For all the married women who find themselves with an unemotionally available husband, it is more difficult to just walk away, especially if there are children involved. If he’s not emotionally available with his wife, he certainly won’t be with his children either.

    However, it’s better to get out of such a bad relationship. We all deserve to be treated with love and dignity.

  7. Circe Says:

    Good points but I do have add this maybe women who are attracted to emotionally unavailable men are emotionally unavailable themselves. Water seeks its own level. Seek some counseling and see what in your childhood caused you to think that an emotionally healthy and safe relationship is not normal and attractive. Its not as easy as saying ” next” because the reality until one works one one’s boundaries, self-respect, self-esteem and self love the next relationship with be the same. Dancing the same dance with a different partner.

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