Why It Pays to be My Triond Friend

August 19, 2012 by Silent Writer  
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Why is this the case?

When you sign up to a website such as Triond, you might be wondering about the things that you can do in order to earn money for yourself. One of the things that you will soon learn is that your friends matter a lot when you’re on Triond, as it is actually those who will be providing you with your initial views on an article, and they will then be the ones who share your link with their friends and this is how some people end up with thousands of others viewing their work.

Personally, I have always been the type of person to refer people to Triond whenever I possibly can. I think that this is a fantastic website where people can earn money by writing about anything that they like, and earning from people viewing your work has to be the easiest way that anybody can possibly think of. 

When I post an article, I will usually get quite a large number of people sending me messages and asking questions about the things that I’ve said in the piece. This is great, as it shows that they have been reading it. When I get a message from somebody saying that they like my work, it means that I am likely to add them as a friend and return the favour. Currently, I am friends with 90 people on Triond, and my friendship is of benefit to them in several ways.

The first reason that I am good to have as a friend is that I always reply to my messages and will give advice to people if they have asked for it. This is important on a website such as this, because not everybody is a professional writer, and this means that there are some people who need a lot more help than others. 

The second reason is that once I have added you as a friend, you can be sure that you will be getting views from me for life. Whenever a new article shows up in my newsfeed as having been recently posted by one of my friends, I will always make sure that I read it and click the “like” button to show that I have been there. This means that for every article that you post, you are guaranteed at least one view when I add you as a friend. Of course, I expect the same from you, and indeed I have a large group of people who look at my articles the second they’re published online, as this means that we are both helping each other.

So, your friends are everything on Triond, and I certainly do a lot for my friends if there is any way that I am able to. 

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21 Responses to “Why It Pays to be My Triond Friend”
  1. mitchey179 Says:

    I agree 100%. I try to read as many articles as I can but sometimes I don’t get to all of my friends on Triond but I do put the effort in. Nice piece you wrote here. Take care.

  2. Lokendra Says:

    Is Silent Writer now Audible and Readable?LOL. Nice piece of writing. Thank you very much for the share.

  3. stine1 Says:

    That’s great!

  4. Josephine Stefani Says:

    You referred me to this wonderful site. I won’t forget it for a long time :D

  5. Donnah Clark Says:

    very nicely put….where would be be without our friends

  6. Edyta N. Tehrani Says:

    I agree, it is important to have good writing friends who support your work. I try to view the work of my Triond friends on regular basis and leave them a meaningful feedback, but I am not able to view every single article they publish and I know that others also have a life outside Triond, so I do not expect it from them either.As long as they view what interests them whenever they have time to do that, I am happy with it.

  7. girishpuri Says:

    very useful post

  8. norlaw Says:

    Very good

  9. Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia Says:

    Interesting…We can also do this…Nice ideas..thanks..

  10. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Nice share:) Good ideas.

  11. johnmariow Says:

    Very nice article. You are absolutely correct.

  12. Matthew Childs Says:

    Great article I like your style!

  13. Martin Kloess Says:

    Good work thank you for sharing.

  14. septana Says:

    great insight and can help in learning

  15. elee Says:

    brilliant article thanks

  16. Emancipation Says:

    Good post. It is difficult to read every article posted though. But no doubt we all do our best to and comment.

  17. dhk1424 Says:

    I’m new here and it’s nice to know people are so nice and it’s easy to make friends! Nice post :)

  18. Andie Papke Says:

    Thats Great, think I’ll add you as a friend, My name is Andrea and I am knew to this site, but write for: Yahoo.Voices.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Andie Papke

  19. Odell50 Says:

    Nice work :-)

  20. Stephen Rayfield Says:

    Hi, I’m new on here only yesterday, I’m taking some to get round reading other people’s work to get inspiration, you words here have done that, right now I don’t have many friends on here, I am hoping you can help with spreading the word of my work, thank you!

  21. dazedromantic Says:

    I liked this, you seem like a very nice person and I hope we can be friends.

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