Why is Attraction So Important? Advice for Women

July 14, 2012 by atlanta  
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Is attraction very important? Yes, of coarse it is. If a man does not feel attraction you can pretty much say goodbye to dating him.

Here’s the good part, listen up.

Being well groomed is also important, it really does not have to be a physical attraction to some people. Most of the attraction that a man need to make a woman feel is on the personality or character trait level. Have you ever seen women that have a pretty good rapport with men and they were not the best looking women around. Yet, what men seem to gravitate towards them for is their personality or character.

They are fun women to be with so, men want to be with them.

You can be heavy, you can be skinny or you can be rich with money. You can still do well with men. Where many women go wrong when they try to build attraction with a man is they buildit on a friendship level. They may have a great personality or be well groomed all the time, but it is not the kind of “like” that leads to more than just friends to that person.

Solution on what to do about it.

When you first meet a man, you have to set things straight from the point of view in your mind that you are not trying to be his best friend. You are not trying to buy him things, you are not trying to spend quiet moments together.

Instead, you want to be working on creating respect, rapport with him while at the same time building up sexual attraction. If the both of you can build on that at once, you will be able to make him attracted to you on a different level that might go beyond friendship. Attraction is important, what type of attraction are you looking for?

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