Who is Good, Who is Bad?

January 7, 2012 by sanataryal  
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I guess no person is good or bad on himself / herself. A bunch of factors could be leading them to obtain a certain character which we name good or bad. But truth may not exist in many cases.

    ”He is good guy”.”She is bad”. “Be aware of him/her , he/she  is an ill-natured person”.We can hear these words every now and again . But what is the real definition of a good person or what makes a person bad for us ?

     If someone threw you  a party ,  smiled and talked to you and he never tells you bad , of course , he or she must be a good person for you .

     On the other hand , someday, if the same person accidently does any mistake or speak against your will , then he/she gonna be the worst of all . But that person still remains good and friendly for some . And the same person may be expecting good friendship from you because he can be right even he had talked about you .

     The main thing is , we have to try our best to remain cool all the time even it is very hard practically . And we have to stop judging people on the first sight or after a few meetings .

     We can be absolutely wrong sometimes if we blindly declared that someone is good or bad . Literally , we don’t have any right to call him / her  about his / her character . Sometimes situation,sometimes environment and sometimes other variables are responsible for the human behavior.

     If he/she is favoring you , then he / she is good , but immediately we consider them enemy if  things go against us eventhough they are under some influences . So, we should have clear vision to recognize people before spotting them as good or bad .

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22 Responses to “Who is Good, Who is Bad?”
  1. stephaniemorris26 Says:

    This is very true. Everyone has good and bad in them. It just depends on circumstance and how they react.

  2. Thell Stars Says:

    great article

  3. prsol46 Says:

    This is true. Sometimes we get the wrong picture of someone and can be completely wrong. Perhaps we have a bad or good day and we react as we see fit on those days. There are definitely a lot of factors that contribute to this.

  4. gokce1993 Says:

    interesting in your article :) :)

  5. ladym33 Says:

    A very true post.

  6. aheed411 Says:


  7. indianwriting Says:

    good points here..personally, i feel we must start with a clean slate.. no prejudices.
    nice post

  8. bolive Says:

    great points you have

  9. Yvhes P. Says:

    very nice article. thanks for sharing =)

  10. sanataryal Says:

    Thank you , guys . Thnx for the comments .

  11. ittech Says:

    Very nice lovely write.

  12. erwinkennythomas Says:

    strive after goodness

  13. CA Johnson Says:

    This is a really great article. It is important to remain calm in certain situations. Thanks for sharing.

  14. FX777222999 Says:

    We have to know the good then bad side of everything here on earth. And, we can analyze or adapt what is good for us.

  15. ittech Says:

    I like it!

  16. girishpuri Says:

    very true and you understand pscycho well

  17. vijayanths Says:

    Good analysis.

  18. Fika Thiana Says:

    Great points… I thought this often happen to of all us.

  19. Laura Says:

    I sometimes am very quick to judge a person just because I know a thing or two about them. God is faithful to remind me that I am not Him, and I don’t know anyones heart. He is so awesome.

  20. Angelji Says:

    that is why its always wrong to judge a person because we never knew what is happening inside in her.

  21. siriiiii Says:

    Good one. No one is 100% good or bad. But still based on the behavior or situation it’s normal people judge others………

  22. Nidhi Rai Says:


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