Who Do You Trust?

July 20, 2012 by LinSmith430  
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People may let you down but there is one whom you can trust!


By Lin Smith

Throughout life we enter into many relationships.  Solid relationships require a number of things to make them successful – friendship, loyalty, honesty, love and trust are the ones that come to mind immediately, but of those qualities TRUST seems to be the greatest cohesive ingredient.

People fail miserably at relationships because many have a selfish streak that can’t always be controlled.  People do things for others but often for the wrong reasons.  Most people want to know “What’s in it for me?”  Or, “Because I did that for you, you owe me!”  But remember, people are only human and have faults.  Unfortunately, we seldom see our own.

Do we put others before ourselves?  Do we treat others as we want to be treated?  Are we generous according to our abilities?  Do we encourage and uplift?  Do we keep our word?  Are we honest and fair in all our dealings?

Who do we look up to for an example to follow?  Someone we trust!  They are our example, our leader and our mentor.  There may be one person in your life that completely fulfills all these rolls or you may have several.  But remember, a person of flesh and blood is only human and has flaws.  He or she may let you down at some point in time.  Maybe they won’t be available when you want them to be – maybe they break a promise, maybe you have a disagreement and your feelings get hurt, etc., etc.

So who do you trust?

I know one who sticks closer than a brother.  I know one who never tells a lie.  I know one who has only my good in mind.  I know one who loves me despite my faults and helps me overcome them.  I know one who always hears my cry for help.  I know one who understands everything about me and why I do what I do.  I know one who can heal my broken heart.  I know one who can give me joy when I am sad.  I know one who can show me the right way to live.  I know one who will never leave me.  I know one I can trust!

His name is Jesus!  So-o-o-o, who do you trust?

Heavenly Father, it is so much easier to talk about living a good life than to actually live it.  Help me to live righteously and let my words and actions always reflect my belief in You.  Help me to walk in Your truth and Your love and help me to always live a life worthy of Your love and grace.  Lord, let me be an example and help me lead others to You – the One they can always trust!

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