When You Fall People Stray

November 16, 2012 by Tiki33  
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Why do people surround individuals when they are doing well but stray when they have fallen on hard times?

If someone buys a new car, they may have plenty of friends but when the car breaks down or they lose it, they’ll find themselves alone. It’s sad but many people only support others when they have something. They may want to hang around an individual because they are in the same class as them or because of their celebrity status. Just wait until all the money is gone, the status and the house, and you’ll see them run far away.

Why can’t people just accept people for what they have and not for what they don’t have? It’s not right to chase down individuals because they have plenty of money or live in a fancy home. You want to build friendships that are genuine and not fake. If they can’t be your friend or acquaintance when you are low than forget about it. People want status they want to feel accepted but acceptance does not come with ignorance. Follow people because you believe in them and not because their pockets are fat.

If a man has only a few pennies in his pocket but you have thousands, why is it so hard to share with him? Love is a strong emotion that many with-hold for what ever reason. They maybe reluctant to share their feelings or build connected relationships with those who are so much different from them. You don’t have to be afraid to hang with a poor man if you are rich. You need to surround yourself with diversity and get to know those less fortunate than you. 

Is it really better to give than receive? In most cases yes. There are some cases where giving can be taken for granted. You want to make sure that your heart is in the right place. If you feel that you are giving to a cause because you want to be recognized than it’s best that you don’t give because, you won’t be doing it from the heart. People need to understand that they have some support. Even a few kind words will go a long way. The world does not revolve around us. There are many people in this world who need to understand that they are important and if you are the one person who can make them feel that way than why not do so?

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  1. norlaw Says:

    Great article

  2. vijayanths Says:

    good piece.

  3. girishpuri Says:


  4. Robin L Says:

    Great piece, Tiki:)

  5. SDCORP Says:

    heart touching article.

  6. yes me Says:

    Hi Tiki sometimes when a fall is on the horizon we take self to many places one favoured place for time immemorial we have sought solitude in order to mentally fix our selves and prepare for the struggle ahead so take in mind it is not always others backing off but selves closing in. cheers fir noo the noo

  7. Stable Says:

    You’re right, even a few kind words can go a long way.

  8. Tiki33 Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Please support the Cornelius Paulk fund http://www.gofundme.com/1itj9k. Thank you and God bless!

  9. Abee.A Says:

    true that, sometimes it’s difficult to sieve out who’s going to be beside you in difficult times and who won’t , people definitely leave you on your own sometimes. Nice article. =)

  10. Tiki33 Says:

    We must help those in need. Please support! http://www.gofundme.com/1itj9k

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