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There are tricks to keep the child relaxed face gossip.

Tia looks glum lately. Though he has a cheerful disposition. Just awful this makes parents wonder. Investigate a investigate, it turns out he was sad. The reason, by the classmates he allegedly dating her best friend because they are always together on many occasions. This is what makes Tia sad and can not accept the accusation. And that’s because he just close friends. In fact, the meaning of dating that he had not understood fully. Understandable since freshman Tia 2 SD.

As a result of the allegations could not stand his friends, Tia chose to withdraw and prolonged melancholy. He was no longer willing to continue his friendship with his friends. How to deal with a situation like this? Fishing lure children to want to tell the problems being faced. There lo, are ashamed or embarrassed to tell this issue for fear of even accused of dating by her parents.

To that end, the father-mother be a good listener. Do not even come accused, mocked, or ridiculed. Although you know that it’s all just teasing between friends who are both still young, children themselves are not necessarily take them lightly. He also may not understand the true meaning of the word “dating”.

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In addition, parents should also not have to consider this issue as a serious threat. Especially when associated with the development of the child. Therefore, when he heard his son was accused of dating to A, the parents should not directly interrogate. As if he did commit the offense or fairly serious mistake. The panic of this kind usually occur because of a sense of worry that her baby too early courtship, afraid of slang, and so on.

Not need to worry

If these allegations dating impact on children, such as being moody and restless, parents should be reminded that he should not feel worried. Next, explain the meaning of courtship with simple language that can be open minded. Children are expected to be familiar and not too serious about courting the allegations. That between him and his friend not only friendship and courtship.

Remind children not to reply to these accusations with good deeds. Remain as usual so as not to cause turmoil among friends. When the bait and responded in kind is not good, might even invite curiosity offender. He felt his behavior to fruition and this encouraged the friends to continue making fun of him.

Provide an explanation of the meaning of the word courtship in accordance with the child’s age level. If the 69-year-old, meaning more emphasis on courting the friendship that is based on the love between friends. If a child, accidental male sex, and dating fellow accused admitted boys, point out that the perception of courtship is a relationship between opposite sex and same sex instead.

So what if the kids asked for more detail about the meaning of courtship? Maybe he never saw one scene on television, such that it is courting each other hugs and kisses. Explain wisely, courtship is not necessarily accompanied by a hug and a kiss like that. Important note, parents should be able to explain in accordance with the child’s age and the extent of understanding that accepted children.

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