Three Virtues

October 2, 2012 by novelist  
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I consider the best things in life to be these three virtues, namely, love, true friendship and freedom within the limits prescribed by law.

I consider the best things in life to be these three virtues, namely, love, true friendship and freedom within the limits prescribed by law. Love is absolutely necessary, as it is inherently instrumental in the enrichment of ones soul; true friendship is an important, social requirement in life, while freedom serves to elevate the human spirit to its uppermost level. These attributes are interdependent and runs in unison, contrary to fear and isolation that are inimical to the nature of human existence.

The quality of love stands unchallenged as the very essence of truth that guides us on the path that we choose. Hatred cannot weaken it; on the other hand, it serves to strengthen it all the more. Since the division between love and hatred is distinctly poles apart, the universality of the former remains constant. Those that are involved in the exercise of hatred, merely for hatred’s sake, do not affect love itself, for the reason that love is indivisible. The epidemic of hatred that had cast its dismal shadow across Europe during World War II, did not develop to be a pandemic; instead, it was localized on the continent and subsequently neutralized, reviving the democratic principle of love, as above-mentioned, in places where the evil of conquest had previously deposed its sovereignty.

Friendship emanates from love, as it takes on a form, all by itself, it being an exercise in the observance of individual, national and international amity and understanding. Regrettably, I do not consider the United Nations to be an agency through which international friendship can be achieved. One may argue that it was not meant to be so, except as a public forum in the airing of emotional outbursts.

This brings me to the question of freedom, which is the embodiment of true democracy and the driving force of unrestricted progress. Analogically, freedom can be compared to an ignition that starts the vehicle of camaraderie and true friendship, as it moves on the highway of love.

The trinity of love, friendship and freedom becomes a single unit in the affairs of human behavior and how and where it must be implemented, depends on who and what drives the engine, in the direction of equality and purpose.


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