The Top Five Free Social Apps for Ipod/iphone

October 26, 2010 by CaffeineWriter  
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These social apps allow you to meet new people, and connect with your current friends.

5. TextFree – This application could ultimately save you a lot of money, allowing you to text from an actual phone number! It’s a great application to have!

4. Chat Lobby – This lets you chat to a large group of people, or chat to people individually! The only problem is that there is no filter of any kind, so chats can get a bit… interesting.

3. Groupie – This application allows you to find people with similar interests to yours, so you can like-minded people, and make new friends.

2. AppConnect 2 – This app lets you both meet new people, and find great new apps to download, many of them free! Definitely a must have.

1. Whoshere – Whoshere is a Geo-social networking application. It allows you to meet both local people and people from around the world, the best social app I’ve ever downloaded!

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  1. tracy Says:

    Other good ones are Sonar, New People on the Block and Blendr. worth checking!

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