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February 24, 2012 by kalpendraa  
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Friendship day an eventful day for the friends and for everyone who believes in humanity. An overview of how it is being commercialized and yet it holds its own sanctity. Get ample of ideas on friendship day cards and gifts.

Have you ever wondered what is the most celebrated day amongst youth is internationally? Well the answer is Friendship day. It is the one day which is most awaited and celebrated worldwide amongst the youth. Do you wonder where this friendship day actually came from and how people realised that world should have one day dedicated exclusively for friends. It started in 1935 when US congress actually decided to dedicate a particular day in the name of friends. Apparently the world started celebrating the day in the name of friends. Hostile situation of world war-1 and the massive devastations lead lots of mistrust and misunderstanding amongst people and more prominently amongst nations. Hence there was an ardent need to build up mutual understanding and trust and bridge the gaps. So, this is how the need of a friendship day 2012 came into being and was eventually realized. The celebration of this particular day did not confine to US. It spread across the globe. The whole world started celebrating this day, and started celebrating it with lots of enthusiasm. With more and more nations participating and celebrating it as a friendship day very soon it became as international friendship day.

Soon everyone started giving friendship day cards to each other is a mark of token to each other in love. This has become very popular through the time. Over the period of time friends started sharing gifts amongst each other and started celebrating it. People started enjoying it more when they were gifted on this day from their friends and loved ones. Manifestations of feelings through gifts lead to building up trust and happiness amongst friends. A beautiful day like friendship day is celebrated with giving gifts and chocolates to each other and very soon it became famous in colleges and amongst youths. There happens to be competition in colleges about the number of gifts that one gets as it shows the number of friends that one might be having. 

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With the emergence of internet people started sending e- greetings card to their friends. They exchange friendship day smss to each other. These traditions popularised this day and companies like Archie’s, Hugges became very popular. Day by day celebrations of friendship day has become grand and people celebrating it make it a huge occasion. In hotels and restaurants special bands are organised on this day to perform. Lots of competition and goodies offers make it even more fun. Companies have used it as a brand gimmick and use this occasion to promote their marketing strategies. With friendship day ideas are becoming popular with the company’s promotions like never before. Well friendship day is no wonder a great day and it is definitely gaining popularity in the world. However with the commercialisation of friendship day the actual feel of or rather the meaning of friendship day might have become jazzy but still people enjoy it and have fun out of it. Enjoying a day dedicated for friends makes it very exclusive and youth especially love to celebrate it to the extent.

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