Social Networks Have All But Killed School Reunions

June 4, 2012 by Sponge Love  
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Social Networks Have All But Killed School Reunions.

You would now be hard pressed to walk into a school reunion and have much of anything interesting to talk about. School reunions are all about reconnecting with old friends that you haven’t heard from for years. The excitement lies in finding out what they are doing today, but with social networks there is a good chance that you already know. You won’t have much to talk about because all of their interesting news was already plastered up on Facebook for all to see.

Since you can check up on any of the classmates you are interested in you don’t have to sit and wonder what they are doing and you really don’t have any reason to make your way over to that reunion, other than wanting to see them in person.

Not only are you able to look at any news updates that your friends make on their pages, but you can also chat with anyone that you want to right on your page as well. This technology means that any person that you want to communicate with is now only a few clicks away from you.

Sure there are situations where you may not have kept in touch with your friends as much as you wanted to. Perhaps you don’t believe in technology and you simply don’t get on the internet. In cases such as that your reunion will probably be an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends and find out what they are up to.

While it is possible that some people will run into situations such as those, most will not. Just about everyone has a computer available to them today and many of those people are getting on social networks to keep up with one friend or family member or another. If you are really set on meeting up with some of your old friends you don’t have to worry about going to a school event to accomplish that just get in touch with them.

Reunions do provide ample time for people to meet up with one another from their past, but they are not the only opportunity anymore. Chances are most of those old friends are now on social networks and probably even on your friends list.

With those friends on your friends list already why bother even going to that reunion. Instead of doing that you can just send some messages out to old friends and set something up on your own terms. With the help of social networks you can only visit the people you want to and leave all those others out of the mix.

By choosing which friends to see in person you can avoid all of the people that you absolutely do not want to see. Modern reunions are full of awkward moments, and conversations with people that you never really liked when you were in school. Sure you will run into old friends as well, but is that really worth all of the trouble when you could have met up with them anyway?

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