Quality Outweighs Quantity

March 15, 2013 by Jswana  
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One person in particular should have cut me off of their newsfeed or something….

I would still prefer to have 10 pairs of Coach or Steve Madden shoes than 50 pairs of those Name Brand shoes for less.  The latter had the top of my foot bleeding when I wore a pair 20 years ago.  Not a bad rush of blood or anything but this is how much they had aggravated the top of my foot!   That did it.  People who are used to quality foot wear cannot tolerate lesser brands sometimes.  Sorry.  It’s not that I am in any ways persnickety except for my feet.  These babies will take me around when my car won’t.  Besides, feet are fun to use.  Taking a walk through the Park, to the Cleaners, the Grocers, you get exercise that way as well as more balance.

I feel the same way about friends on Triond.  I feel that I have the qualified bunch that I need.  It’s a true fact though that some times it takes me a while to get who is my friend and who is not.  I don’t write articles for the Triond Community only, as I have said many times.  I write them to reach Internet Viewers which is why we  ALL Write.  Still our standing in our Community accounts for something.  I love it when my friends and fans write an article that interests me. I honestly feel bad when I can’t comment because of error messages.  Moreso, I will not let you give me a critique without finding you and returning such a kind gesture.  It’s not hard because there are good Writers here overall.

I wonder why this particular Writer is on my Newsfeed however.  Maybe it is because I offered a friendship and it was never returned because I cannot send a message to them.  Now why would I want to send this person a message?  They don’t respond to my comments!  This time I wanted to apologize to them for sending a nice comment their way when they never, ever respond back. I wanted them to actually delete my comment.  Good thing I’m not tit for tat but good thing too, that a roof doesn’t have to fall on my head to realize that they don’t want my friendship.  That is fine and I’m not mad at them at all, just at myself for me taking so long to realize it.  Now that I have, I have removed my humble friendship and hopefully they won’t show up on my Newsfeed ever.  I tend to want to comment when I see someone on it but truthfully, as much of a giver that I am, I ain’t giving them another!  Comment, that is.  Thank you very much!  Sometimes I have to unload! :)

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  1. RBB1010 Says:

    Shoes are very important to me, I see no reason to wear shoes that are not comfortable. Thanks for a good share.

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