March Will be a Good Month

March 2, 2012 by mynameisjessica  
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This month seems to be looking up for me.

It’s only day two into March and I’m in such a good mood.  Although I had an awful fight with my fiance, I really am in good spirits. I’ve recently gotten into contact with an old friend and it’s been so fun talking to them, catching up, etc.  I feel like I have a new person in my life and it is such a good feeling.

I really needed a new person in my life.  My fiance and I have been having some trouble.  We have been having a hard time communicating lately, and to be honest he has driven away all of my friends.  Only having one person to talk to and rely on may seem nice but it really isn’t.  Different people are good at different things and trust me when I tell you my fiance is not the best at comforting me about being sick. He gets annoyed, talks down to me, and lowers my self esteem.

One may ask why I am with him, let alone engaged to be married, but that’s a topic for another article

It’s so nice to have someone else to talk to.  The very action of talking has made me so happy and it’s only been one day.  We have grown apart so it is almost like becoming friends again, and going through that awkward process where you both need to put in a lot of effort to make the friendship work.

It’s nice to hear what my friend has to say.  They have reminded me of some things from the past, and have enlightened me with some new things.  It’s just great!  I’m happy, for one.  This rekindling is something I wish everyone can experience.

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5 Responses to “March Will be a Good Month”
  1. BANASCO Says:

    i don’t have nothing to say but it must be well with you and your guy.

  2. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Cross our fingers.

  3. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    but not for me as usual:(

  4. enrico2468 Says:

    I’ll add my best wishes to the list, hope that whatever decision you take will work out for you. Ciao

  5. Hotnews Says:

    Nice Articles..

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