List of Recommended Gifts for Friends

July 9, 2013 by lynnes75  
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This is a short list of gifts you can give to close friends.

There is a fine line to be tread when finding and buying a gift for a friend. Sometimes, a friend is just a friend, totally platonic, and you want to convey this message while still giving the impression that you totally care for that friend and even love them (with no ulterior motive). So, what gifts should you give to this friend without taking away from this relationship or giving more than what exists at that point? Here’s a short and simple list of things you can give without fear that more would be read into this thoughtful gesture of friendship :

1) A book – completely neutral but thoughtful. The main dilemma regarding this is what genre does your friend like? Sports, entertainment, health, fiction, science etc; there’s a lot to choose from.

2) CD – What type of music does your friend like?

3) DVD – What type of movies does your friend like? A suggestion is to give a box-set of a classic movie.

4) A Journal

5) Photo album o picture frame

6) A Vase or Painting

7) Various others depending on gender: a pen of good quality, a neck-tie, key-chain, scarf, purse, personalized scrap-book.

There it is, for a start. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment since I myself could use new ideas.

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