Katie’s Promise

October 23, 2012 by ihearthm  
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A review about a book of friendship.

In a friendship, we can’t escape the challenges it brings. There will be misunderstandings, but the true meaning of camaraderie will still surpass. This is what the story, Katie’s Promise put in the picture.

Katie and Deena were best friends. They lived next door to each other and did everything together. They even looked alike that were often mistaken as sisters. Both had long black hair, wide eyes and spaces between their two front teeth. They were very close, but with their closeness, quarrels such as little squabbles and misunderstanding still challenge their friendship

One Friday afternoon, while they were on their way home, they fought, and now it’s different. It was a real, bang-up honest-to-goodness fight. Almost all the people in their community thought that they would never be friends again. But one evening, when Katie wants to call her mother to inform her that she will go home late. Without knowing, she accidentally dialed the number of Deena. Their conversation was uncomfortable, but still they manage to talk to each other the way they used to, and because of this they brought back the spirit of their friendship.

After they talked, Katie decided to go home. On her way home she decided to make a promise and it would be a secret and a solemn vow. And for this she needs something to swear on. Then she noticed a single silver star. Then this was her promise–“ I swear by the silver star. I swear that I’ll never tell anyone, as long as I live, that I dialed Deena’s number by mistake!”

The author’s style of writing provides readers with lessons. With its realistic outlook on realistic situation, the readers can relate their selves on it.

Katie’s Promise brought back many memories of my best friend who left for the US. We used to have a fight that sometimes last for weeks. But because of our real friendship, we still brought back our friendship.

Katie’s Promise is really a realistic outlook about friendship. The author has done a good job, coz even if the story was not that really long, you could easily understand and relate to it. I’ve read a lot of stories in the past that were related to this kind of story, but this is one of the story, that I, myself recommend to everybody, especially to all teenagers out their.

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