Jealousy – Do You Have Friends Who are Jealous of You? Are They Haters or Up Lifters?

April 29, 2012 by atlanta  
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Jealousy can have a big impact on you constantly from friends. Are your friends criticizing you, always negative about your career, car or social life. And if that friend joins a conversation is always trying to correct everything you say and tells you that everything they say is right, especially if you are saying something positive then there is no doubt that your firend is jealous of you.

You have met some friends at a social gathering, or in college, either at your job. Some friends can’t wait to stab you in the back to get attention or for what they are after. You have so many stories of friends who smile in your face and betray you behind your back.

Many if not friendships start out with the great intentions with smiling faces, you expect your friends to whom you trust your thoughts, to speak to you on a daily basis you tell them your problems and the way you feel about things.  It is therefore, complicated to accept that a friend who you have trusted, told secrets to them will bring harm to you. often however, jealousy is very dangerous. Jealousy can turn a best friend into the most dangerous enemy you have ever met. A person knowing your private secrets and failure will not wait to spill the beans to everyone , and to strike you where it hurts you, he/she knows everything about you and will use it against you.

Jealousywill come naturally, you don’t need to do anything in order to provoke your friends jealousy.

Emotional weakness and insecurity indicates a form of jealousy in a person. Some friends wish what you have and sometimes want to be like you. Your friend might be jealous of your attractive appearance, your career success or professional social success with people. Your friend might even feel intimidated because of his/her low level of education and for the times they could have finished their careers and did not. By putting you down, that makes he/she feel happy when they think they have power over you.

True friendship should be spiritually grounded and emotionally, not to try to hurt the person.

A true friend does not hurt, criticize or gossip about you. He/She should be happy when great positive things comes your way. And sad for our deepest sorrow and failures along the way and give good caring advise with truth and honesty.

You should learn to choose good friends wisely. Good friends are very hard to find, you don’t really know if a person is a good or bad friend and you cannot start a friendship based on suspicion and judgement of that person.

When you become aware of a friend who is betraying you and have proof, remove this person from your life a “friend” who gossips and back stabs you in the back and makes you feel bad because of the things they have  gossiped about, or because he/she criticize you. Such people don’t deserve sympathy. Only because they cannot show or accept love of friendship. Sooner or later they will be treated the same way by someone. Later they get a taste of their own medicine or worse. Choose your friends wisely.

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