Is There any Chance Left for Friendship?

August 21, 2011 by Thorn Birds  
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Did you ever look around you to select your real friends? Did you find any of them deserving this title?

The dictionary defines “friendships” as being: “harmony, accord, understanding, rapport.”  The humanity is going to lose the major meanings of this concept forever. Only those who are still very naïve do still believe in it. Only “pure hearts” invest feelings, time, honesty in this kind of relationship.

I don’t want to be extremist and to say that there is no friendship left. It might be, but the number is very low and the purity of this relationship is in descending order. 

I read hundreds of poems and quotes saying how beautiful feeling is to have a real friend. But all those written words about friendship are not part of the reality. Unfortunately, the reality is far away. Where can I find someone like in this quotation by Jane Austin:” Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.”  Maybe this was accurate hundreds of years ago, but it is not available anymore. The life became savage and such a precious feeling shared among the friends it doesn’t have its place as before time.

The ideal relationship of sharing bad moments and enjoying happy times has come to an end. Our modern society lacks moral and spiritual values. To have real friends nowadays is “rara avis”. The reality is different of what you are imaging about having a friend. The human race grows up in a selfish and materialistic way, despite the worldwide internet connections. Few years ago I was wondering why did they create so many social networks for having fun and sharing it with the friends? In fact, it was only a new way at that time to make money via online. That’s all about :pecuniary interest.

Being a child, I was happy to have friends… it was a cheerful feeling to know that someone else is thinking the same way, reading the same book, playing with similar dolls and waiting for you to meet and to share. Unfortunately it is only the childhood which has the privilege to develop a real feeling of having friends. The pure friendship happens at this age only because of the purity of a child’s heart. Later on, the life is in charge to teach us how to forget about friends, how to hide important things, how to become egocentric and how to wear the convenience social mask. Adults do not need friends, just social conjectural friends. You know, that kind of friend who will disappear after one or two years of sharing common activities and interest. Or the type of “friend –colleague”. If you will change your work place he will forget about you. The same is happening with the “neighbor – friend”.

Our instincts are stronger than our feelings! My concern is that even these social conjectural friendship will  soon become extinct, as well. A world without friends! Sad enough!

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