How to Loose Friends Thick and Fast

November 13, 2011 by Suni51  
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The best way is to tell them sites where they can earn with lots of efforts. And when they do not earn it as fast they expected, they will be your worst critics and some of them will be even your enemies. Try them giving Triond.

How to loose friends thick and fast

There are many ways of earning on internet but I know just one that is earning through my writing on different sites. Some people think that writing on those sites is easy and earnings start flowing without any efforts. Some of my friends are interested to join those sites and earn big overnight. I have done this mistake; I must admit I have given them some of these writing sites.

Now my problem is when they do not earn as fast as they thought they would they look at me suspiciously and think I have rather mislead them. No, I never did that intentionally.

Do you think that is my fault? This is happening with me despite I tell them about every thing before hand and tell them every thing before hand and even let them know how can they utilize the site for the best of their advantage and can earn most.

However, some people are too impatient and do never want to have any patience and learn the tricks of the trade. They want results overnight. Have you ever met such people I would rather stop giving my friends any sites where they really can earn. That is too bad for my poor mind and still worse for keeping the friendship going. 


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11 Responses to “How to Loose Friends Thick and Fast”
  1. juny423 Says:

    Good tips…funny :p

  2. naruto100 Says:

    Its always like this with online earnings. That’s why I not preferred to promote anything to friends…

  3. mtrguanlao Says:

    Don’t mind them suny friend,we really can’t please all. You’ve alreadry made your part,it’s them to continue it. May it be bad or good for what they think it was,you did not do bad to them.

  4. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Good one thanks for the insight of the topic

  5. pruelpo Says:

    I liked your title…are they still your virtual friends?

  6. megamatt09 Says:

    Interesting points.

  7. smcopywrite Says:

    i enjoyed your article. thank your for sharing with us.

  8. ittech Says:

    I like yours article nice thanks for this

  9. Aaradhna Says:

    hahaha sorry for that but couldn’t control :D
    Tell them they are just not as fortunate as you are ;)

  10. Suni51 Says:

    Thanks a lot.

  11. Suni51 Says:

    Thanks friends…

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