How to Fight a Friend-turned-foe

June 22, 2013 by Ugo  
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It’s a fearful world we live in these days where one’s friends end up becoming his worst enemies overnight. This is how to engage in this fight to still have friends around you.

At first, this woeful friend comes to you in the disguise of a friend. My people have a saying that goes thus: “a friendly enemy comes closer to you so as to get the particular smell of your mouth so as to go out there and announce your smelly breath.”

At that initial point of you coming in contact with this friendly foe, all your signals would tell you that this is a disaster waiting to be visited on humanity all in the name of friendship, but this guy comes up strongly having taken time to understudy your social cravings or religious ones, then he/she would serve you a dose of what you will not say ‘no’ to. Then you will begin to relax believing that you have reacted way too fast by condemning his friendship moves made on you. This sort of people are adept at figuring out very fast how to warm into the cravings of your heart that you will find them much better friends than your usual level-headed friends whom he would have impressed it upon you that they hardly treat you like friends should treat their friend.

Before you know it, you will start getting into all kinds of problems with your older friends courtesy of your new-found friend who has your ears. You are being helped down a downward journey on a dangerous sloppy hill by this pretender.

Their antics are numerous and they would never leave you until they have taken everything that makes you look better than they are. It has always been as a result of their envy that made them come closer to get you hit the rock0bottom to show the world that there is nothing to be fancied about you as you are as human and full of mistakes like everybody. Their friendship move is borne out of their desire to have you rubbished.

Now when your ‘second voice’ sends off that alert and warning like something has been triggered-off out of you, listen and become very careful. Your carefulness has to come from the extent you will go in revealing the real you to them. Make sure you keep them on the edge whenever they are around you. When they find no entrance into your being, they will retrace and beat a retreat but do not believe they have forgotten about you. No. they will make another attempt to pull you down.

The best way to fight them is to get yourself a lap dog. Lap dog in the sense that you will figure out from among your friends who is eager to engage in your fights and battles. This lap dog understands the game of friendly foes. You will always allow your ‘lap dog’ to get to their bones anytime they start getting closer to your ears with their ‘wonderful’ advices and suggestions about your public image and more.

This way, you must have succeeded in letting your foes know that you know the name of the game they are playing and can never ever beat you in a game you are good at bringing to them. Start enjoying your friends by using this approach. It works magic.

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