How to End a Long Friendship

February 13, 2011 by xbioknif3  
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A guide on how to end a Lifelong Friendship.

1. Figure out why you want to end the longterm friendship/relationship with this person. If the reason starts with the fact that you have known each other for a long time, and are not based in mutual affection or interests in common, then it is time to ditch this friendship for maintaining your own personal self-esteem and personal health

2. Once you have made the decision to end it, don’t second guess yourself because you will probably think about not ending it. You are making a healthy decision to find new friends who support you, so don’t go back to this unhealthy relationship just because you think it is comfortable.

3. Think of the good times you guys had, and try to remember the friendship in good light, if that is possible. It is always hard to stop being friends with someone, even when the act of friendship is one-sided or turns unhealthy for you. It is acceptable to think of the good times, remember not to obsess over them and think of them all the time, or you will not be able to end the friendship.

4. Don’t call the person you have decided to stop being friends with, avoid all contact with that person. They won’t notice that you aren’t contacting them until they want to lean on you, bend your ear for more of her personal complaints, or ask to borrow money. Prepare how you will respond to this friend when they call you.

5. Once the friend calls you, you need stay in a good condition, strong, in your resolve to end the friendship. Say that you are busy and you might need to do this a few times, as this friend will not believe you at first that you are no longer there for them. If they ask you out to somewhere, say that you’re already going out with friends and that you cannot make it. If the person comes over, tell them politely that you already have plans.

6. If you see this friend again, keep going, and just smile. This will send the message that you no longer need them and are faring just fine without contact.

7. If you decide after several years that you want to try being friends again, go ahead and give it a try. In several years time, people can change, and your vain friend may have turned over a new leaf, but if you find that they didn’t, pass again. Anyone can legitimately be busy, so use this as an excuse and leave.

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