How to Earn Big on Triond

September 24, 2011 by Ambrosini  
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How to Earn Big on Triond

Write quality articles- you must write articles. It is very important. Most people if not majority are looking for informative and educative articles to read on Triond, especially the once relating to their needs. The more quality your article, the more earnings and page views you will get on Triond.

Catchy headlines or hot headlines- articles headlines are the commander of people to read your work. Good headlines attract thousands of people on Triond to read your work. The catchier the topic is, the more people will read it.

The people who earn the most on Triond mostly write articles that are hot content and catchy headlines that are widely searched on Google and will attract attention on Triond

Make friends- most people earn big on Triond with only friends they have there alone, not to talk about other source. Imagine you having 5000 friends on Triond and you just publish new Catchy articles. Majority of them would like to read your work and in the process you are getting more page views. You must make friends from now, start sending friendship request it will surely help you to earn big on Triond

Read and comments on other peoples articles- this method works a lot on Triond. Therefore, for you to earn big on Triond, you cultivate the habits of reading and commenting on other peoples work. Don’t just publish and go, it doesn’t work like that. Comments and make them to know you more.

Remember to always leave good comments and the article you have written so that other people that want to comment on the same article will read your own

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  1. Emmy Says:

    Yep, what you mention here is really useful for all bloggers and greenhands, and it is what they need well now. Great job!

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