How Long Does It Take to Enter Into Friendships?

March 23, 2011 by alicewilliams03  
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How long does it take to enter into friendships?

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Person 1 Reply: Huh? conclude a friendship? or enter in the item friendships … I do not know how long it will ^ ^ response to a blonde lol

Person 2 Reply: friendship does not “combine” not only by the length of time, she weaves by other links by exp: understanding, collusion, the compatibility of humor, and time is to cement the agreement . Voila! contact a few hours with someone, you feel that this person has ideas close to yours, you seek to deepen. It begins with the knowledge and after a few days friendships settle for themselves. I hope I was not too long. Good evening.

Person 3 Reply: it depends from one person to another and at what age … to 40 years we do not make friends like 5 years

Person 4 Reply: It does not enter into friendship

Person 5 Reply: In 1 minute you can enter into friendships..

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