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May 16, 2013 by rjbags  
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Have you ever gotten to the long awaited summer and then found that you’re getting bored within the first week? With these fun summer ideas, you’ll never fall short of a good time again.

Summer is a time to relax, have fun, and spend time doing what you love to do. But what do those things include? Here are some good, fun, summer ideas to guarantee a good time.


Have you ever just been mediocre at a sport but never had time to step up your game? This is a great time to get on top of that! With nice weather and plenty of free time, you always will have time to up your sport skills whether it be swimming, lacrosse, football, golf, soccer, etc. And don’t forget that it’s a great form of exercise too!


Who doesn’t love looking great? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just get that great beach body you’ve always dreamed of, summer will provide you with plenty of time to do so. Take a run/walk outside, or take a drive to your local gym and pump some iron.

Get a Job

Probably one of the best feelings in the world is to have plenty of spending money on you, wherever you go. A job will get you just that. If you’re finding your pockets empty and you need some cash, head to town and look for some local jobs that you can apply for. You can also go to and they’ll just make it nice and convenient for you to find any job nearby!

Hang out with Friends

For most people, the best part about summer is getting plenty of free time to hang out with friends. And why not do that in the nice warm weather of summer? Pick up the phone and text some friends to come over and hang out with you. You could all head into town or to the mall. Whatever you’re doing, at least you have the nice company of friends. And if you’re running a little short on friends, get out more to go meet some people. You will always find someone out there with similar interests to you.

Get a Hobby

Hobbies can be the biggest and most enjoyable time killers in the world. And the best part is, there are plenty of them out there. Start up a book club, go down to the river and throw a fishing line in, start building model cars, whatever you’re interested in doesn’t concern anyone else but yourself. Hobbies are for the most part independent and only concern others who are also interested in the same things.

Throw a Party

If you’re bored but want to do something really exciting, what better way than to throw a party? Party’s are great ways to meet new people, hang out with friends, and have a great time all in one! Just don’t let it get too out of control and make sure you have a couple of friends to help with the clean-up after words.

These are just a few fun recommendations to get your summer fun and exciting no matter what your interests are! Summer is a time to enjoy and have fun, don’t let it go to waste!

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