Friendship in Brotherhood

October 12, 2012 by shavkat  
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A real friend possesses the quality of respect and loyal.

The truth of finding a genuine friendship is so difficult in a modern world. I mesmerize the importance of the word respect and loyalty to any of my significant person in life. Whatever the term usage as common, casual or best friend, it is still initiated the qualities as mentioned earlier.

There are a lot of scenarios that you can determine a true friendship. A classic example, you as a friend will remain beside him or her against all odds. If your friend overcame the dilemma, both of you shared the utmost reward in celebrating the real essence of friendship.

Friends can come and go the one who stayed are friends for real. I have a few friends, some gone across the sea, settled with their soul mate in far flung areas; but they still treasured the moments of being connected. Others let go for some reasons.

As a Roman Catholic in a Muslim country, there is no reason to build a unified friendship. Looking back my days in Tajikistan last 2010, I portrayed as an ambassador in my own way of imparting the innate skills. In fact, I had seen how they value life with their fellowmen. They treated every individual as one of them, there’s no doubt of being open and embrace the root of origin. No but’s and why’s uttered from them, it is just simply learn to know more.


A mark of legacy, I was the only person who came from Southeast Asia. It is inevitable to look alienated, since physical features are so predominant as compared to their own respective race. For some Tajik people, I mistakenly insinuated belonging to other nationalities: Uzbic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian and so forth. The mere fact, they don’t have any idea about Philippines. The course of action is to promote my motherland, inside and out of my selfless worth.  

           In the aspect of brotherhood, I created a dynamic circle of friends with the local people. The journey of my life is so real, it changed some of my notions. That’s the key of survival in an isolated area. Taking the credit of having loyal friends is so visible among the local people. In everything they do, best buddies are closely intertwined together. The learning insights were so worth to ponder, camraderie for friendship showed no conditions of being faithful to each other.

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