Friendship and Sex Together?

June 5, 2011 by BedyCZ  
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Friendship and sex together?

Evening in the cinema. Your friend will be with you once again spend the night. You lie in bed with him, watching the movie and well entertained. But today something is different. Something in the air. Suddenly you notice that you are lying quite close together. Even to himself a little Tuli. Then it comes to you, you are intimate touch, caress it, feel with them. But your desire says he wants more. I want sex! It may be running very quickly. The feeling you right cordon waver and you ocitneš in a situation that they are unknown. Quickly and without warning. But what now? 

You have to suppress your feelings? Having sex with someone you know for years? Can it work? Will your friends like before? Or it will change everything? Raised many questions, when any such situation – sex with best friend?


Of course, you could say: What could be better than to embrace a favorite friend to kiss him and maybe do it a little more? Good to know, for each other, you put your hand into the fire. It’s a feeling like one is sleeping with someone unknown. Can you trust your friend immensely. Actually you do not love him either. You just like him. So what stands in the way? You could have somewhere to go, then home to see a movie, spend a passionate night and the next day to break easily. By the time until both of you feel yourself “just” friendship and you have a problem you sometimes get along with others, it might all work quite well.
But there is another side to the coin …


As quickly as could be sex, just as quickly there may be nothing like before. It happens that your friend is reduced only for sex, actually, you do not come for no other reason, because it’s so simple. And it comes just friendship. Leaving you with just a recurring meeting for sex. Current relations are suffering. The second you feel just a commitment to have sex, because ultimately it’s your friend and you want to be happy. Have all these emotions and feelings under control seems most incredibly difficult. A clear split between friendship and sex is not an option. And stand between you saying “Actually, nothing happened,” also is not easy.

What now?

Depending on how the thing happened, whether spontaneous or planned, and it can produce a certain result. All you have good mind and you can eliminate it with that one of you has a problem? Then of course no one and nothing stands in your way. Or do you have doubts, as everything is and how it will react? Then apart your hands away and be happy working for your good friendship. Because it is a hundred times more valuable than a single sex.

If you did not blew up and now you troubled, and you’re stuck, try to clarify the situation among themselves. Talk about what we’re meant sex between you and what you mean your friendship. Maybe it will help you to do, how best to build again. Friendship means at least that the just-sex embrace and renounce. But if friendship is so tight and good, then maybe we do. Sex with a friend has something more than the normal meeting one night, because it is a great deal of confidence. For anyone can apply: sex and friendship can manage well, so why not? And for others: Friendship is friendship, and sex is sex!

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