June 7, 2011 by angie17  
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I dedicated this work to my beloved classmates in my senior years in high school.they teach me how to define true friendship.

So many hands in 1 chips pack

So many people on 1 bench

So much people on 1 stupid joke

So many plans for just 1 date

So many hugs for 1 little worry

So much love for just 1 person

So many tears for 1 little fight

This is what we call FRIENDSHIP.

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3 Responses to “Friendship”
  1. CHIPMUNK Says:


  2. mikky webs Says:

    Wow and wonderful! Nice read, good pictures.

  3. kornelius crazy Says:

    You remind me of my high school days. But I enjoyed more on college years. . . .Nice post. . .

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