Friends Should be Forever

July 17, 2013 by vickylass  
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This is a thought that I´ve had since stones started to fall on me.

You´ll most probably won´t agree with me if I say that these times aren´t good for genuine friendship, or at worst, it´s on hard times when one will discover that those friends that one had for years aren´t such good friends. They have shown to be faked friends.

Whether on agreement or not, I´d  love to read your views on such a topic. I won´t be cross or offended if your disagreeing views are expressed in good manners and politely.

It is easy to find friends when all is fine whether at college, a workplace or in the neighbourhood. Those were the times when there were no serious problems on the horizon and, therefore, one received letters, cards or telephone calls. Those were the times when one received invites for this and that. Smiles, greetings at Christmas times and the odd one on birthdays and the like. Everyone will remember you at any given time when all is fine and problems haven´t arrived yet. But wait till stones start falling on you.


The above illustration tells us that “… friends are forever, close to your heart.” True, a good friend will never abandon you when you most need a friend and a helping hand. A good friend will stay by your side whether on good or bad times. A good friend won´t refer you to your relatives, if any, when you are facing serious problems. If they do, they aren´t such a good friends. All of us have relatives, whether there many of them or just a small handful of folks. We can´t choose our relatives that are granted to us at birth, but we do choose our friends according to our likes and dislikes. It´s also true that we sometimes seem to have chosen them wrongly and it isn´t less true that bad times are a real tester for the friends we´ve had.

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