Five Ways to Tell She’s a Good Friend, and Five to Tell She’s Not

December 11, 2008 by Sian Louise  
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What makes a good friend you say? Well let me tell you….

5 ways to tell she’s a good friend, and 5 she’s not!

We all have that one very special friend. Lets call her our best friend. You figure you’d be friends for a very long time.

Then one day out of the blue, she stabs you in the back. And just like that you have lost your best friend and confidant.

Well here are 5 ways to tell if she is a good friend, and 5 to tell if she isn’t. Just to save you the trouble of making a bad friend your best friend.

10 ways to tell if she is a good friend.

1. She is honest with you.

The most important one of all. A good friend would tell you if you had food in your teeth before a date. If you are making a bumbling fool of yourself. If she thinks your new fella is no good for you e.t.c. Only a true friend would be totally honest with you, so don’t hate when she tells you what you what you didn’t want to hear. She is helping you in the long run.

2. She is there whenever you need her.

A true friend will act as your confidant, shoulder to cry on and agony aunt whenever you need her. She may not have the answers or any advice, but if she is willing to listen to your troubles, she cares a lot about you.

3. She is trustworthy.

You can tell her anything, confident that she will not tell anyone else. This is one to be wary of. If she feels your secret can harm you in any way she may tell someone else. In this case she is not a bad friend, in fact the opposite. She obviously cares about you and is worried for your safety. Trust that she told someone else to help you, not humiliate you. This one also applies to other aspects of your life too. Is she trustworthy with your man, friends, possessions e.t.c.

4. She is fun to be around.

No one likes a dull-dud, so ask yourself, do you like being around this friend. Does she make you feel happy, special, confident, yourself. If you never have a dull moment with this friend and you can be totally yourself around her, then your friendship is unlikely to fizzle out. Makes for a longer lasting friendship.

5. She likes what you like.

Now I don’t necessarily mean taste in men, clothes or music. But to have a good friend you need to have some things in common. If you had nothing in common what would you talk about or where will you hang out?

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