Finding & Keeping Friendships for Your Three Year Old

March 19, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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Every child needs a friend.

Your child might have a friend at this stage in their young lives or maybe it’s just a favorite playmate blossoming into a delicate friendship. They are forming their own idea of what it means to BE a friend and WHO a friend is. They still don’t fully understand the concept but, as their social skills progress so will their friendships. Sharing is probably STILL an issue and hard to teach your child. SHOW them how to share and they will have some sort of idea to go on and learn from.

Learning Friendship Young

Your child has become more independent and might be trying to make friends. If you ask them who their friends are, DO NOT be alarmed if it’s a never ending list because a friend to your child is ANYONE they spend a sufficient amount of time with. The true definition of a friend has not caught on just yet.

At this age, they can play accordingly but, it doesn’t usually last more than an hour and they are ready to be left alone. Some children prefer playing alone but AROUND other kids and then some kids move from playing with other to PLAYING SOLO. Longer playdates might start happening next year and if your child is shy then they may need SEVERAL playdates to ease them in to the transition of playing cooperatively with other kids.

To your child, playing with another kid is probably taking a toy away from them or pushing and shoving them. Some kids can resolve the issue among themselves but, for the most part an adult should intervene and calm the kids down. This is when “sharing” and taking turns should be TAUGHT and ENFORCED. Most kids learning to negotiate are actually WILLING to take turns.

*Fun Fact For Your Child: Flamingos not only stand on one leg but, they also eat with their heads upside down.*

Love/Hate Relationship

“I Love” and “I Hate” might be popular among your toddler’s expanding vocabulary. Using these phrases helps them define WHO THEY ARE so, you DON’T have to run out and buy EVERYTHING they claim to love or abolish all they claim to Hate. It will change in time and then what will they have?


Marla is doing better with her sharing but for the most part we are still working on it…actively! She takes toys from Aiden or Shaeleigh. And she ALWAYS wants the toy that the other one is playing with but, when she gets it, she wants to sit it down so the other can’t play with it even though she don’t want it.

And taking turns is still an active learning lesson as well. Sometimes he does it and then other times it’s like “what is taking turns again?” But, overall she okay with playdates. She LOVES running around and holding hands with her playdate and telling them what they’re gonna do together. LOL

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