College Advice: Discovering Yourself

August 1, 2012 by Lastbrother  
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This college advice is for those who just need help figuring out who they want to be in college and in life.

You’re in college. Now what?

1. Friends

They say your friends define who you are. However, once you’re in college, you start to branch out to meeting new friends. It’s sad but true. Keep in touch with your friends back home though! It does not matter who you were in high school because once you arrive to college, everybody starts off with a clean slate. It’s a chance to really change–hopefully in a positive way. I met friends here who encouraged me to cliff jump into a pool. To be honest, I doubt I would ever have the same opportunity with friends back home. And you know what? I jumped off that cliff! It felt exhilarating!

The friends you meet in college will define who you will become in the future. They will encourage you to do different types of activities and explore different places. Go hang out with them and treasure the memories you will experience. Don’t limit yourself. Explore! 

2. Clubs/ Organizations

If you’re going to college, chances are, your college will have some sort of club fair where clubs try to promote themselves out. At the beginning of the term, clubs will try to attract new members by giving either free food or promotional items hoping you would join. Now, don’t just focus on the biggest clubs; some small clubs might turn out to be your favorite. If your friend invites you to a club meeting, don’t just reject their offer right away. Go to a meeting or two of various clubs before deciding. Don’t limit yourself. Have an open mind because you never truly know what clubs or organizations you will fall in love with. You might discover that you might love a club your friends would never join.

On a personal level, I found out about a ballroom dance troupe on campus and decided to check it out. However, I was hesitant because I was a guy who went by myself to a ballroom dance troupe. Over time, I got to know the dancers better and felt more accepted. I knew this was one of my favorite activities to do on campus. I couldn’t wait till the next term. 

Not everyone will have the same experience as me. Some might take a year to find an activity they love. Some students take a few years before they find the club they really enjoy. Don’t give up hope! The day will come when you meet the right people who make you feel great and you really feel committed to the club. 

3. Parties

Wherever there are colleges, there are bound to be parties. It is one of the few fun party activities to look forward to at college. However, be wary. I’ve heard stories from friends about people became addicted to partying. They said over time, their grades started to slip and they were expelled. It’s fine to party. Just do not lose yourself.

College is a time to explore yourself. Explore all that college has to offer to you. Don’t limit yourself! If your friend speaks bad about a club, organization, or activity, take their advice in consideration. However, don’t assume. When you assume, you make a *** out of you and me. Don’t judge right away. Judge when you actually experience it. So the next time your friend invites you out (whether to a meeting or hanging out), consider doing it. I don’t want to use this term but YOLO (You only live once). Treasure it.

P.S. Don’t do anything illegal or stupid.

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