Can a Pretty Girl Really Have Guy Friends?

September 4, 2012 by Mom the Muse  
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It is nice to think that people can see past the exterior and value friendship, but it doesn’t seem the norm.

Recently, I have noticed that although my daughter is shy, she never lacks for attention.  She is beautiful, and finds favor with most people because of it, right or wrong.  She may be at a disadvantage, though, when it comes to relationships.  I know, that seems the opposite of what many think, but it’s true.

Just last week, she made a seemingly charming guy friend, with whom she could share the details of her day and just talk about school and life.  She was very up front about the fact that she has a boyfriend, and was careful not to lead her friend into thinking that she was interested in anything more.  Things went well for a few days, but eventually, the new friend told her that she was just too attractive and that he could not help but to have feelings for her. It seems that no matter what their resolve, after a few days of being “just friends,” these poor guys seem compelled to not only date her, but they think they are going to marry her!

This happens fairly often, it seems, which puts her at a disadvantage when it comes to making (and keeping friends).  Even girls sometimes are leeary of her because they fear that she could easily win over their boyfriends if she so desired. 

Is this all in my head?  I don’t think so.  When asked, “Can a pretty girl have guy friends?”,’s “best” answer was this: “If a girl is attractive, guys will always want something more than friendship. It just how guys are, it goes the same for girls too. If you want guy friends that only want to be friends, either find guys that don’t date the type of person you are or guy’s that are already taken, and are commited to their relationships. It’s extremly hard to ignore a pretty girl, and just be “friends.” But there’s guys out there, just try looking a bit harder. Or tell them you’re already in a relationship, so they won’t even try to take it further.”

So, what’s a pretty girl to do?  Obviously, she has to be up front about her intentions, firmly “shut down” any inappropriate advances and be willing to face the probability that friendships with most guys simply will not work for long.  The world is a great big place, though, and surely there are a few guys with the abilitiy and inclination to be “just friends.”

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