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A few weeks into pregnancy and you were wondering what to buy for your baby when he/ she will born. Right from the time, when you have learnt that you are going to have a baby, you have probably been itching your belly hundred times a day to decide when you will start to buy baby gear.

Now that’s your baby’s birth round the corner, its time you choose to do your shopping. Shopping stuff for your little one is great fun, of course, if you have done your bit of planning. With so many baby products and brands to choose from, it is quite confusing to know what stuff to pick for your baby.

Being organized is the best way to buy essential items for your baby. Otherwise you will end up spending more and buying things that can do very little. The following are the list of products that are common needs or wants of a new born baby.

Basic Baby Clothing:

What does a baby need in the first weeks at home? During the initial days of baby’s life, the little one is not going to participate in any fashion show .So buy stuff that is simple, soft, easy –on and easy-off. Such as body suits, rompers and sleep sacks.

Socks and hats are useful in all seasons for the baby. A newborn cannot regulate their body temperature well, so it is best to cover their head and feet.

Newborns usually have long nails at birth. You can buy cotton gloves as these will prevent the baby from scratching himself.

Nursery Basics:

In preparation for the arrival of your little one, you can create a baby-friendly space where he/she can sleep, play and thrive. Nurseries are the best option for creating such environment. A baby nursery is a place of comfort for the baby and mother. You can do a wall décor and use colors in pinks, blues or flaunt a cartoon theme.

Hang light blocking slides in the window. A dark room will help the baby sleep in the day.

Buy a crib that can transit from an infant bed to a child’s bedroom as he/she grows up.

Baby Care:

Basically, for caring the baby you will need – Nappies, Baby wipes, towels, bath tub and host of toiletries.

A newborn baby need nappies changed for 10 – 12 times a day. It is a good idea to have a good supply of nappies during this time.

Baby swipes are used to clean the baby’s bum during nappy changes.

It is easier to give a new born a good bath if you have a bath tub .A bath tub helps you hold the baby securely while bathing him/her.

Baby toiletries include soft hair brush, talcum powder, moisturizer, baby oil and mild shampoo. These items help in keeping your baby clean and supple.


Ok, we understand that a newborn baby will not travel inside or even outside Canada unless it’s time to visit a doctor or get an immunization. You will require set of baby products to get out of the house with safety and style.

Buy some clothing that is one- piece have long sleeves and covers even the feet. You can even prefer two piece outfits where you can remove the lower part if the baby gets wet.

When it comes to buy baby shoes, buy stuff made of soft leather or cloth .This will help the feet to breathe and still develop your child’s foot. You can get some colorful baby shoes Canada in many online stores.

For newborns a car seat is a good choice for keeping them safe while on road. Invest for a baby car seat that works best for your baby’s age and weight.

Diaper bags are available in endless style and pattern. Choose a bag that is big enough to hold all your baby essentials while you are on travel.

Most parents find shopping for the baby an exhilarating aspect of parenting .But this can be baffling as most of them buy items with no budget to watch out for. The above section serves as a guide to categorize the must -buys for newborn baby.

Author Bio: Caitlynn Skyler is a homemaker and a freelancer. She is fond of window shopping, music and holiday partying. To her, writing about kids shopping, pregnancy freebies, new mom freebies is always refreshing. If you want to meet her online and know her collection of baby products, connect her at Google+

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