Avoid Sharing All Your Information

November 14, 2012 by Tiki33  
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Sometimes we want to let people know about our problems or issues. You may find that not all are on our sides.

There are some trust worthy people in the world but there are also many un trust worthy people. Some people may pretend to be close to you just so they can get all or most of you information. Many individuals may pretend to be your friend just so they can find out things about you, they may just want to spread your information around because they have nothing better to do. You must be careful who you tell your deepest dark secret to.

Many people use lines like; I won’t tell anyone or you can trust me. You may think that your information is under lock and key to only find out later that Joe knows, Mark, Betty and Sue. You thought that they would keep quiet. People love information that they can share with others. They love soap operas. You may end up being the talk of the town just because you decided to share your information with someone you thought you could trust.

If you don’t want them to know than don’t tell. Telling your personal business can generate harsh consequences. People may treat you differently or avoid dealing with you if you share some intimate things about yourself. If you need to confess something than you can talk to the Lord. People are not perfect and they may mean no harm but spread your business because they like to talk. Be careful who you let in your personal business.

Your information can end up in every community and that would be a mess. You want to trust people but there are so many reasons not to. You may test them before you give them more information about yourself. Tell them something and wait to see if the information gets back to you. If no one is coming to you with the information that you shared with a certain individual than it maybe safe to say that they kept it secret. Some people love to gossip and they may just be waiting for you to spill the beans.

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12 Responses to “Avoid Sharing All Your Information”
  1. Nxwtypx Says:

    Two people can keep a secret if one is dead.

  2. KittyK Says:

    It is wise to refrain from sharing private information, problems, secrets, etc. from good friends.

  3. Eunike Says:

    I think it is true

  4. shefaliarora Says:

    I totally agree with you.

  5. gaby7 Says:

    Great tips here Tiki! This is a world where only those with a fool-hardy menatlity can trust anybody with personal information!

  6. Robin L Says:

    Very true, Tiki…..

  7. Edyta N. Tehrani Says:

    Great advice that can prevent lots of pain later. The rule I use to recognize these gossipers is that if I they talk to me about other people’s private problems, then most likely they will talk of my problems with others, so I do not share with them anything that I do not want others to know or better yet, I avoid being friends with them altogether.

  8. Ruby Hawk Says:

    You’re so right about sharing information, better to keep it private than be sorry.

  9. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    It’s a good practice, not to reveal too much. This is a useful article to remind us…well done.

  10. mpaige90 Says:


  11. Nali Says:

    Totally agree, need to watch out very badly for this!

  12. septana Says:

    very nice

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