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October 25, 2012 by shinta  
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A friend is not just someone who frequently have fun and play with you at all times. But more than a friend, the friend is the person who can directly affect your life and personality. Therefore, look for a good friend, a friend who can certainly make your life could be better.

But in fact, finding good friends is not easy. Because sometimes a friend will show his kindness when we’re a lot of money, but when we are trouble, they can easily leave us. To be able to find a good friend, we need to know in depth personal. And if you can not personally know a friend deeply, perhaps you could consider some of the characteristics of a good friend.

Faithful in friendship
Faithfulness is the main point to foster a healthy relationship, either in friendship or in the family. Each person would ever make a mistake at some time, experienced ups and downs of life, even displaying behavior that can not be proud of.

When we find friends or loved ones who can forgive and
assist us in whatever circumstances, we should be grateful. Never waste the loyalty shown by the friends and always appreciate it.

Treat others fairly and respectfully that you were treated in the same way. You know, not tasty ignored, judged, manipulated, humiliated, or treated rudely and not feasible. Indeed, there are times when we do not agree with the opinion of friends or people nearby. But, show respect remain the absolute thing.

When someone helps someone else in the hope of getting something else in return in the future. A real friend is willing to help with sincerity without any reservation.

A good friend should be trustworthy and able to keep a secret that was entrusted to him. A good friend will not stab in the back, or divulge his own shame to others. If you want to deliver something that is confidential to a friend, make sure first that he was trustworthy.

Behavior that is sincere and listen carefully to what the other person is very important in establishing a solid relationship. Stay away from the selfish self-centered. Instead, show concern by focusing on others to make her feel appreciated and meaningful.

Friend is a person who can be relied upon when other people do not seem to be expected. When a friend promised to come and cheer you up when broken heart, then he will really knock your door as he had promised. He will always be there to provide moral support, even matter, if you need it.

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  1. Claudia Simona Says:

    Even if from the article , this friend sounds a little ” too good to be true” , you are right. That kind of friend is a real one. Very well highlighted. :-)

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