A Friendship is Like a Flower

July 12, 2009 by fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa  
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The levels of my friendships have always amazed me. My choices of friendships have changed, each and every time I peel away a petal.

A Friendship is Like A Flower

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Just like a flower a friendship needs time to blossom, develop while gaining trust. Each petal is a different layer of friendship; some may have bruises just like in our relationships. A healthy relationship between two people includes good times and bad, with arguments and then the fun part of making up.

As a flower or friendship grows, it starts as a small stork, or a friendly hello. As the stem grows stronger, ready to bloom; so does the friendship with a few telephone calls and nights out. The flower buds just as you and your new friend find yourselves spending more time together. Perhaps you both have children and they start developing friendships, or you both belong to the same group, just as a flower belongs to a bouquet.

By the time the flower is full bloom, the two of you are the best of friends, with a stem for support, petals for creating the beauty, and inside is the heart, that we all have. Over time the friendship grows, and they become the family you have been able to choose. We all have family, and sometimes we attend events out of obligations, with our circle of our friend-families and we look forward to getting together. As a flower must shed their petals, so shall we, everything created soon dies, of course the flower has a much shorter life than we do but it is the same. A flower loses its petals, while we lose some of our petals, those are our friends, and the flowers begin to lose its beauty while we age. It is all a part of life, a flower loses it beauty and we age, but we are still held up by our stem or our friends.

By the time the flower loses all its petals, we come to the heart of plant; just like us as we shed our complexes; insecurities and our youthfulness, deep inside we find the root. The root is what keeps us planted with our feet firmly set, and deep inside we find the heart the was opened by each and everyone of our friends that we have found along the way of life.

Peel away the petals of a friendship, and there you will find the things that brought you together, and the paste the held the friendship tight, and the heart that kept you there for each other.

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  1. tenraj Says:

    friends makes our life complete

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