25 Questions to Find Out How Well You Really Know Your Best Friend

February 6, 2011 by cometbballgrrl  
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Do you really know your best friend that well? Whether you have been friends since you were three, since high school, or just became friends a few years ago, you may feel like you know everything about this person, but do you really? See if you can answer these questions about each other next time you are together.

1.      What is your friend’s political party?

2.      What is your friend’s middle name?

3.      What is your friend’s favorite sport to spectate?

4.      What is your friend’s favorite season?

5.      What is your friend’s favorite holiday?

6.      What is your friend’s favorite author?

7.      What is your friend’s favorite ice cream flavor?

8.      What three items does your friend always carry in a purse or pockets?

9.      What three things can you always find in your friends refrigerator?

10.  If your friend was stranded on a deserted island, what are the three things that they could not live without?  (Besides food, family, and water!)

11.  What are your friend’s three favorite movies of all time?

12.  What is your friend’s shoe size?

13.  If your friend won a contest and had a choice of a grand prize of either a cook or a housekeeper for a year, which would your friend choose?

14.  Does your friend use fabric softener when doing a load of towels?

15.  Which if any condiments would your friend put on a hot dog?

16.  What are your friend’s parents and siblings names?

17.  What is your friend’s boss’ name?

18.  Who is your friend’s most and least favorite co-workers?

19.  When eating lunch in a restaurant, your friend found that her found was inedible, would your friend:

a.)    Send the food back

b.)    Eat it and say nothing to anyone not even you

c.)    Not touch the food and when asked about the meal tell the truth

d.)    Not eat the food and when asked about the meal say it was fine

20.  If someone was talking during a movie, would your friend:

a.)    Shush very loudly

b.)    Move to another area of the theater

c.)    Inform the manger or a worker of the theater

d.)    Ask the people politely to be quite

e.)    Ask the people with a bit of attitude to keep it down

21.  What was the most bizarre thing that has happened to your friend while on a date?

22.  What toppings does your friend like on pizza?

23.  What is your friend’s favorite TV show?

24.  What is your friend’s favorite car brand?

25.  What is your friend’s favorite brand of shoes?


Now to score this quiz do the following:

Find out if your answers are right.

Each answer correct is worth one point.

If you get:

1-9 points then you better think again if you really know your friend.

10-18 points then you know this person pretty well but there is still more to know!

19-25 points you truly know a lot about your best friend and must be great friends.

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    Good writing.

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    Great info!

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    well written

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    I know the answers almost to all the queations :0-)

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