10 Ways You Can Make Yourself Liked by Others

March 15, 2012 by Ariana Charon  
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A set of rules to keep in mind when interacting with your partner and friends so you will be more liked and respected.

Did you ever wonder how some women are liked by everybody and some just can’t make it past the 3rd date?

We all feel the need to be liked and respected by others and of course, by our partners, but as much as we like to think this is something that happens by chance, it’s not always the case.

Here are 10 ways you can make yourself liked and appreciated by your partner:

  1. Smile, nobody likes a grumpy lady;

  2. We all value our names and hate it when someone is spelling it wrong or confuse us with someone else, so make a point in remembering his name correctly;

  3. Make your partner feel he is important to you, but do it with sincerity;

  4. Respect your partner’s opinion, don’t try to show him how wrong he is, he will show you the door;

  5. Try to put yourself in his shoes before you start accusing him of whatever you think he has done wrong, there is always a motif to our actions;

  6. If you made a mistake, admit it and apologise, people with big egos always end up alone;

  7. If you need to have a heavy conversation with your partner, always do it on a calm tone in a friendly manner, never raise your voice, it will always end up in a fight;

  8. Make him think it was his idea, in the end it matter that the things get done not who came up with the solution;

  9. Always be there for him, weather he had a bad day at work or his football team lost. Even if you don’t care as much about the matter, he will appreciate you for saying a good word;

  10. And last, but not least, stop being interesting and be more interested in what he has to say, being able to listen is one of the best personality traits you can have.

So next time you’re interacting with your partner or with your friends for that matter, keep these rules in mind and you will notice how you will be more liked and needed by the people around you.

Good luck!

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