10 Reasons Why We Hold on to Bad Friends

March 2, 2013 by Jswana  
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Sometimes we are moved to keep people around because of the way others feel. This isn’t the way to be happy……..

Cover of Bad (Aerial Fiction)                   You have this friend that you’re not sure how you became so aligned with.  They may claim you as the Best Friend but you’re hesitate and yet they are around so long they begin to feel like family.   It’s not like they were your preferred closest friend when you all came up together but some how the Neighborhood Connection keeps them in your lives and for all that they are not, you find some redeeming qualities or you think you do…….

1.)  Your Community of friends and relatives point out that you have been friends for too long to no longer be friends – almost as if they are disturbed with your decision that they are not good for you as a friend……..

2.)  It’s almost like losing a Comrade because you two have similar knowledge of Peers and the Social Climate back in the day, i.e. music, dances, childhood games, shared friendships…..

3.)  You two could have been born close together, not just in time but in proximity, like next door or across the street from each other…….

4.)  For all practical purposes, you care about them as a fellow human being………

5.)  You shared knowledge of each other’s family dynamics………

6.)  You have shared Confidences…………

7.)  Your children figure in this friendship fusion.  They expect to see their “play” Aunt or Uncle

8.)  You feel like you should have gotten out of the friendship earlier………..

9.)  You have shared time together as adults……..

10.) They may remember your Parents and what they were like, almost as well as you do……..

These types of people can be in your life and for all  practical purposes you like them but don’t prefer them as your Best Friend because you know that they have trashed others, even you and have used you. They have done things that you don’t like and would not do yourself.   More than anything, they are persistent in believing that you are friends but you never feel it.  It’s a sad set of events when someone is in your life as a friend but you know deep down inside that they are not really and truly your friend.  You know them better than they know themselves which is the reason you know that the word best friend is used a little too loosely.  What do we do in these circumstances?  The truth is that five years of a Good Friend outweighs a Lifetime of someone you know is not a true friend, at the core of it all. Peace. :)

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5 Responses to “10 Reasons Why We Hold on to Bad Friends”
  1. girishpuri Says:

    Yes i agree. Jswana

  2. Abbie King Says:

    I hold on to my bad friends because they are a constant reminder of what I should and should not be

  3. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    My mom gave up my godmother when I told her eventually she told this girl who HATED me lies about me the girl would spread about the school. When I told my mom I found out she started a rumor I was a ,lesbian my mom never talked to her again. She started THAT rumor because I don’t date. I am NOT a lesbian but just have no desire to date. I am more suited to the academmic life of reading, writing and learning, I have no time for a man. But then I don’t know f my mom said it just to make me feel better everybody she knows that has daughters that don’tet married the daughter is a lesbian. There is nothing wrong with it, but I happen to like guys and don’t want people to think differently. I have a crush, a major crush on Bill O’reilly of the O’reilly factor on FOX news. He is so smart which makes him sexy to me. I LOVE A SMART GUY! Great article!

  4. RBB1010 Says:

    I like your ending, all of the article was good, but your ending said it all. Thanks for this good share.

  5. Tiki33 Says:

    Those type of friends are highly toxic.

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