Five Ways to Prolong Sex

June 21, 2013 by Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia  
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Five ways to prolong sex….Smile.


You begin to notice that familiar with your ex-girlfriend girlfriend actively discussing you, and you laugh at the same time you hear from them the word…

 It is not necessary to enjoy, it is unlikely the girls know about your achievements in the game CS, rather, it comes just sex, or rather its duration. What do you do in such cases? It is not necessary to run headlong feet to the nearest pharmacy for tablets, they are still unlikely to help you. Grandma Agripina from a neighboring village, too, is unlikely to help. In order to prolong the sexual act, you need to pull yourself together, you have to gather the courage to give a few tips on how to prolong the sexual act, which we have prepared just for you. 

So, here we go: 

1) How to prolong the sexual act? 

very first and probably the most simple – it’s during sex, use a condom. It significantly reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis, thereby erection occurs much later. 

2) Both men prolong sexual intercourse? can try to master the technique, which is popularly known as “compression technique.” When you feel that ejaculation is approaching, you need your thumb and index finger to squeeze the penis just below the head, in the place where the head is fused with a bridle. By the way, it can be done and your partner. 

3) How to prolong the sexual act? coached not only in bed, but also outside it. You need to learn how to reduce perineal muscles in the same way as you do when you want to pee. Only 15 cuts, 2 times during the day, you will greatly help at the right time. In this case, not only in terms of quantity but also of the quality. 

4) How to extend the time of sexual intercourse? Before intercourse, you can go to the toilet in a little. Most men find this an effective way, thanks to this, you significantly delay ejaculation. And many are advised to masturbate before sex a bit. But that is where the most important thing is not to overdo it with this case. Because you have to be sure that the bed you’ll be able to work out a dual program.

 5) How to prolong the sexual act? fifth and last method is the most effective. To long to finish, you need as much as possible to have sex. If you can make regular sex, it is no problem with the rapid ejaculation you will not. Hopefully these tips will help you on how to prolong the sexual act. After all, for most men it is a sore subject, because none of the men did not want to disappoint his partner in bed. 

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