Five Types of Men Every Woman Should Avoid

June 20, 2010 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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There are men that any woman who seriously considers settling down should avoid like a plague. When you meet any of these men on the dating scene, remove your shoes, run away in the opposite direction, pray five times or simply go underground.

They say the world has very many men but few husbands. It reaches a point in time when what you are looking for is a good man to settle down with and you look around and ask yourself where did all the good men go. I actually suggested in a past article that women should consider sharing the few good men, and believe me, they are very few. Before you consider sharing a man, here are some five types of men you will not want to date. If you come within a foot of such men, remove your heels and run away as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

  1. The wife batterer – You know what I mean. This is a man who believes in using women as a punching bag. Never forgive a man who will slap you or push you around on the flimsiest of all excuses. A man who raises a finger against women is fit for the zoo and not in the home. Never take it lightly when a man beats you or threatens to beat you. Never take it lightly when he pushes you or anybody else around. Never take it lightly when he abuses you whether alone or in a crowd. These are signs of a violent man. Talk to wildlife authorities or veterinarians when you come across such men and pray that they take him away before he harms you.
  2. The Casanova – Perhaps this needs a little explanation. Casanovas are men who like showing off all the time. They may have nothing worth talking about or writing home about but will try to show off at the slightest of all opportunities. They will flaunt Mercedes Benz keys when they don’t even own a bicycle. They will lie on how much they make just to please you when deep down they know they are miserable. They will introduce you as my fiancée on the second date. They will keep talking about themselves instead of allowing you to ask. When you meet a Casanova, hide at your aunt’s place until he disappears from town.
  3. The flirt – You heard me loud and clear. Men who flirt a lot with women will never be monogamous. Do not hang around this type of man thinking its you alone that caught his eye, my dear goodness. These men have the capacity of calling a thousand women of how they are the most beautiful on the planet earth. I know how good you feel when somebody says you are but beware of a man who says you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world on your first or second date. That is a flirt and must be avoided like plague. Chances are he has used the same line on a million other women before and they believed him. You are different, aren’t you? Go stay on the moon before letting him flirt with you as well.
  4. The sporting freak – Yes, yes, men love sports. We love rugby, soccer, wrestling and some high energy sapping games but beware of that man who will not attend to your needs simply because his team is playing tonight. Beware of that man who will do anything for his team but moves slowly when it is you that is in need. How can we be loyal to a team that is playing thousands of kilometers away and forget the warmth of those close to us? If a man shows signs of being a sporting freak, run for dear mama’s house.
  5. The politician – Am yet to come across politicians who don’t flirt and are monogamous. They do cheat so often on the pretext of looking for votes. Remember the Lewinsky affair that caught Bill Clinton napping. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never trust a politician to remain faithful especially after winning an election. They know that some women love power and therefore capitalize on this to make their lives a living hell. Furthermore, when the campaigns start, he will never be at home. When you come across a politician on the dating scene, request for a transfer overseas if the company you work for is a multinational.

If you got married to one of these men, do not run away in the opposite direction because Shilaho said so. I am not an authority anyway.

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23 Responses to “Five Types of Men Every Woman Should Avoid”
  1. drelayaraja Says:

    Wonderful share Shilaho…

  2. suhail Says:

    hmm i dont fit in any of these things … what if you are dumb + crazy ?

    a nice read though !

  3. ShadowPsychos Says:

    great article…my partner is a footie freak he plays none stop its like his therapy, like writing is mine…so i dont see the problem with that, mind we watch footie together like any good couples should lol :)

  4. yes me Says:

    Ha ha you do have a way with the titles, great post this as for were are all the good guys? well this one is quite contently sat here scratching his head wondering is there really a market for a guy like me…. ha ha it takes a good woman to make a half decent man…. ha ha ha behind every good man there is a great woman. ha ha ha cheers my friend.

  5. Starpisces Says:

    your articles are getting more and more interesting each day, Shilaho.

  6. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Thanks for your comments. Shadow, seems like your guy isn’t what I was talking about for I used to play football a lot too but he is there with his woman and that is great. Suhail made me laugh, a dumb and crazy guy? That is a great one.

  7. jupiter2010 Says:

    Your opinion is your own but mostly it is right.

  8. Ruby Hawk Says:

    LOL, Shilaho, I think you have all of us pegged.

  9. LoveDoctor Says:

    Excellent article. So many guys have called me beautiful all my life, it’s no wonder that some might have been lying to me. lol. flirts can we say? hahahhah. Let me add that women should stay away from emotionally unavailable men and those types that are loving one day and aloof the next. The Casanova is in love with himself so the way that women should handle these men is to not give them any importance whatsoever. Crush their egos maybe. lol

  10. LoveDoctor Says:

    LOL. Run Forest Run! Forest Gump.

  11. giftarist Says:

    Ha ha, nice one – friend.

  12. CA Johnson Says:

    Thanks for the list. These are definitely guys that I would want to avoid and luckily have.

  13. LoveDoctor Says:

    That’s why the more selective you are, the better your chances of weeding the losers and pretenders from the good guys. Seriously, are there any good ones left? Most are either gay, married or their not available. Love doc.

  14. Tina Cassello Says:

    Really good article. Now, can you do one to explain what make women dumb enough to fall in love with such men?


    true and the list goes on and on… narcissist, bordelines, egoist, players, emotionally, unavailable, liars, serial cheaters, serial monogamist.. great share.

  16. I Am No One Says:

    i’m none of those things, it kinda makes me happy. i like your articles, really, i do.

    peace out!

  17. Coriz1 Says:

    I think I was dating the sporting freak. He didnt pay attention to me. Everything else was so important. I felt so unloved. He was a nice guy just wasnt into me for some reason. I tried everything

  18. Aiyanna Says:

    Now that points to the page I quite didnt understand till later in my life… Thank you for spreading the awareness… :-)

  19. Jo Oliver Says:

    I could handle the sports freak cause I am one myself…but the rest would be a NO GO!

  20. Steve Weitzner Says:

    Another great read.

  21. Yalonda Says:

    I agree with you on these! Very good article!
    But I especially agree with #1. My father used to abuse me and my mother, and I certainly would not wish that kind of life on anyone else.

  22. Blaber Blogger Says:

    Ha ha very well written. i really appreciate it. anyways i guess You need o maintain proper paragraphs hege

  23. justinkh Says:

    #2 is also informally known as the douche…

    and #4 is something a wife of mine would just have to deal with

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